Lucky 13 for Wayne Martin at BCI

Lucky 13 for Wayne Martin at BCI

Bulwell Open 1

Thirteen proved to be lucky for Wayne Martin on Tuesday evening.  The former professional and three-times winner of the Eastwood Open, organised the first of what he hopes will become a regular snooker tournament at BCI Snooker Centre in Bulwell.  Thirteen players turned out, each paying just £5 for a chance to win the £45 first prize.  Inevitably it was Martin himself who walked away with the money, beating Sam Haugh in the final.

All players who entered the tournament were given a handicap to even things out a little.  Ten year old Thomas Coleman thoroughly enjoyed himself, particularly as he knocked out Eastwood Open semi-finalist Steve Butler in the first round.  There were also good first round wins for Jonathan Mason and Toby Irons.

Mason and Martin Yah each took home £5 as losing semi-finalists and Haugh left with £20 in his back pocket as a reward for reaching the final.  The final was played over one frame due to time constraints.


Round 1
Sam Haugh 2-0 Mike Langdon
Thomas Coleman 2-1 Steve Butler
Jonathan Mason 2-1 John Bednall
Toby Irons 2-0 Malc Belshaw
Wayne Martin 2-0 Kwok Yip
Byes: Steve Coleman, Martin Yah, Shaun Parkinson

Haugh 2-0 T Coleman
Mason 2-1 Irons
Martin 2-1 S Coleman
Yah 2-1 Parkinson

Haugh 2-1 Mason
Martin 2-0 Yah

Martin 1-0 Haugh

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