Nottinghamshire suffer agonising one frame defeat

Nottinghamshire suffer agonising one frame defeat

Six years on from the last county challenge match against Derbyshire, Steve Butler captained a strong team hopeful of bringing the Nottinghamshire v Derbyshire County Championship Trophy back to Nottinghamshire.

The match was played at Spot On, Hucknall and teams were made up of 7 players. The home team’s players (Nottinghamshire) stayed on the same tables throughout and their Derbyshire opponents rotated, playing one frame against each competitor.

First Leg

Wayne Martin1071v016Jimmy Gratton
Ben Monk451v174John Giles
John Fountain1082v128Jordan Geldard
Joe Reynolds843v19Lee Hage
Steve Butler433v280Lee Shanker
Nav Hussain213v384Matt Wilson
Bash Maqsood1044v328Pete Oughton

A strong start to the match for Wayne Martin, breaks of 58 and 49 doing the damage against Jimmy Gratton. Ben Monk had a run of 44, but it wasn’t enough to beat the impressive John Giles. Lee Shanker made light work of Steve Butler with the help of a nice 46 break. Matt Wilson’s lovely 77 break helped him defeat Nav Hussain. Bash Maqsood made the day’s highest break of 78 in his win over Pete Oughton, giving Notts a 4-3 lead at the end of the first leg.

Bash Maqsood receiving the Highest Break Trophy from Jimmy Gratton for his break of 78

Second Leg

Wayne Martin434v476Pete Oughton
Ben Monk494v561Jimmy Gratton
John Fountain574v663John Giles
Joe Reynolds545v650Jordan Geldard
Steve Butler646v624Lee Hage
Nav Hussain416v772Lee Shanker
Bash Maqsood646v871Matt Wilson

This was a good leg for Derbyshire, with only Joe Reynolds and Steve Butler winning frames for Nottinghamshire. Lee Shanker had a run of 40 in his win against Nav Hussain and Matt Wilson knocked in a 51 break in his win against Bash Maqsood. Derbyshire were now 8-6 up in the match.

Third Leg

Wayne Martin637v855Matt Wilson
Ben Monk347v962Pete Oughton
John Fountain728v923Jimmy Gratton
Joe Reynolds969v932John Giles
Steve Butler319v10108Jordan Geldard
Nav Hussain8210v1040Lee Hage
Bash Maqsood5310v1172Lee Shanker

A bettter leg for Nottinghamshire with four wins from 7 to narrow the gap to just one frame overall. Joe Reynolds made a 48 break in a good win against John Giles. Jordan Geldard, winning his only frame of the day against Steve Butler, made a very nice 64 break. Nav Hussain gained his first win, beating Lee Hage with the help of a 46 break.

Fourth Leg

Wayne Martin4110v1276Lee Shanker
Ben Monk9311v1221Matt Wilson
John Fountain5411v1373Pete Oughton
Joe Reynolds5612v1321Jimmy Gratton
Steve Butler5713v1349John Giles
Nav Hussain9414v1314Jordan Geldard
Bash Maqsood8515v1318Lee Hage

An even better leg for Nottinghamshire after a short break for lunch. Only Wayne Martin and John Fountain suffered defeats. Nav Hussain had another 46 break but there were no other breaks of any note in this leg. Nottinghamshire were feeling optimistic as they took a two frame lead in the match for the first time.

Fifth Leg

Wayne Martin6116v1350Lee Hage
Ben Monk2616v1478Lee Shanker
John Fountain4216v1566Matt Wilson
Joe Reynolds4316v1672Pete Oughton
Steve Butler4016v1750Jimmy Gratton
Nav Hussain3316v1871John Giles
Bash Maqsood10817v1841Jordan Geldard

Nottinghamshire’s optimism was short lived, only Wayne Martin and Bash Maqsood managed wins in this leg. Derbyshire had now regained a 18-17 frame lead with just two legs remaining.

Sixth Leg

Wayne Martin10918v1844Jordan Geldard
Ben Monk9019v1819Lee Hage
John Fountain2919v1999Lee Shanker
Joe Reynolds4919v2078Matt Wilson
Steve Butler2419v21100Pete Oughton
Nav Hussain5920v2129Jimmy Gratton
Bash Maqsood5020v2288John Giles

Strong performances by Wayne Martin and Ben Monk in the penultime leg. But Derbyshire’s Lee Shanker and Pete Oughton were on fire, both scoring heavily. Shanker in particular was playing very well, making a fine 75 break. Good wins for Matt Wilson and John Giles ensured that Derbyshire extended their lead to two frames going into the final leg.

Final Leg

Wayne Martin6921v2220John Giles
Ben Monk5422v2240Jordan Geldard
John Fountain8423v226Lee Hage
Joe Reynolds3023v23105Lee Shanker
Steve Butler3323v2478Matt Wilson
Nav Hussain6323v2567Pete Oughton
Bash Maqsood8424v2528Jimmy Gratton

Derbyshire needed to win three frames out of a possible seven to secure victory. Wayne Martin won his 5th frame of the day, including a run of 53, which earned him Nottinghamshire’s Man of the Match trophy. Ben Monk and John Fountain both had good wins to put Nottinghamshire 23-22 up in the match.

Unfortunately, losses for Joe Reynolds and Steve Butler meant that the pressure was on Nav Hussain and Bash Maqsood, who both needed to win their frames to secure victory for Nottinghamshire.

Nav Hussain lost out in agonising fashion to Pete Oughton, the Derbyshire potter’s win securing the match win for his side. Bash Maqsood’s win against Derbyshire captain Jimmy Gratton ensured that the winning margin was only one frame. So close!

Wayne Martin receives the Nottinghamshire Man of the Match trophy from team captain Steve Butler


Matches between these two sides are often tight affairs and this one was no different. Every Nottinghamshire player had frames they could have won, so the result could easily have been different on another day.

Lee Shanker was awesome, winning all 7 frames and deservedly winning Derbyshire’s Man of the Match trophy.

Lee Shanker – Derbyshire’s Man of the Match
The victorious Derbyshire team

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