Enter the Nottingham Snooker Championship for a chance to win £500

Enter the Nottingham Snooker Championship for a chance to win £500

The Championship is Nottingham Snooker’s flagship event and is open to all players who competed in any Nottingham Snooker tournament during 2019.

  • The winner of The Championship will receive a trophy and £500 cash.
  • Other cash prizes are dependant on the number of entries.
  • The entry fee is £25.
  • All matches will be played off scratch (no handicaps).
  • All matches best of 5 frames.
  • All matches must be played at an approved venue.
  • Any table costs to be shared 50/50.
  • The ‘Three Miss Rule’ will be used in all matches.
  • The final will be played at a neutral venue and will be refereed by Steve Butler. The final will be best of 7 frames and the full miss rule will be played.

This is not a one day tournament, it is a VAR tournament:

  • View the draw
  • Arrange and play your match
  • Result then sent to Steve Butler, the Tournament Director (“TD”)

Players eligible to enter

  • Adam Hussain
  • Alfie Moore
  • Ant Moore
  • Ashley Dobb
  • Audie Miller
  • Bash Maqsood
  • Ben Cooper
  • Ben Cox
  • Ben D’Sa
  • Billy Ashton
  • Brett Bradley
  • Callum Hodgman
  • Carl Smith
  • Cary Davies
  • Danny Cresswell
  • Dave Bolton
  • Dave Jobling
  • Dave Pearce
  • Dean North
  • Farhad Akbari
  • Gav Huggins
  • Glenn Price
  • Glyn Williams
  • Harry Whysall
  • Hayden Staniland
  • James Humes
  • James Robinson
  • Joe Reynolds
  • John Forbes
  • John Fountain
  • Jon Sully
  • Josh Mallender
  • Karl Barrett
  • Karl Jones
  • Lee Breedon
  • Macauley Croft
  • Malc Grocock
  • Manny Sant
  • Matthew Clarke
  • Michael Ioannou
  • Mick Garrett
  • Mick Kirk
  • Nav Hussain
  • Oliver Turner
  • Omer Ibrahimi
  • Patrick Hort
  • Raqib Ziahe
  • Rob Garratt
  • Sam Burton
  • Steve Burrows
  • Steve Butler
  • Terry Thompson
  • Tom Walker
  • Tony Morgan
  • Troy Brett
  • Vinnie Dennis
  • Wayne Martin
  • Wayne Smith
  • William Byard
  • Yasin Abbas

Payment of £25 entry fee

Players who have registered their entries will receive an invoice by email containing details of how they can pay their entry fees.

VAR Procedure

View the draw

  • The TD will conduct a random draw for each round and publish the draw on the Nottingham Snooker website.
  • Players drawn at home will receive a message from the TD with details of their opponent including their phone number.

Arrange and play your match

  • Within 7 days of the draw, the home player must:
  • Make contact with the away player to arrange the match.
  • Inform the TD of the date and time of the match.
  • The TD will publish the date, time and venue of the match on the Nottingham Snooker website.
  • Players will then play the match at the agreed date and time.

Result to TD

  • Within 48 hours of the match being played, the home player must send the result to the TD, including details of any breaks over 50.
  • The TD will then publish the result on the Nottingham Snooker website.

Penalty for Ungentlemanly Conduct

Any failure to adhere to the tournament rules and/or VAR procedures will be classed as ungentlemanly conduct and may result in a player being expelled from the tournament by the TD.

Register your entry

Click on the link below to register your entry:


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