Wayne Martin is made to work hard for his maiden Hucknall Open victory

Wayne Martin is made to work hard for his maiden Hucknall Open victory

Hucknall Open 11

It may come as a surprise to a lot of people, but Wayne Martin had never won the Hucknall Open before. Success finally came his way on Sunday at Spot On, although it nearly wasn’t to be as his quarter-final and semi-final opponents both missed chances to knock him out.

The tournament was FREE to enter (losers paid for the table) and the £100 prize fund was provided by Nottingham Snooker and Spot On Leisure.

Last 16

Kaylan Patel (42) 3-0 Gary Spencer (14)
Danny Ould (14) 3-1 Rocco Amalou (56)

It was great to see Gary Spencer again after many years away from snooker.

Also lovely to see 13 year old Kaylan travelling over from Leicester to compete and 10 year old Rocco who came along with his Dad Richard who also played in the tournament.


Danny Ould 3-2 Kaylan Patel
Patrick Ashurst (14) 3-0 Kevin Henson (56)
Wayne Martin (0) 3-2 Sam Burton (28)
Richard Amalou (42) 3-0 Dean North (42)

Kaylan came back from 2-0 down to take Danny to a decider but Danny proved too strong in the deciding frame. A terrific performance from Kaylan though on the day and he looks like a promising young player.

Sam potted match ball blue against Wayne, only to see the cue ball go in-off. Wayne then went on to win the match, robbing Sam of what would have been a fantastic victory.

Semi-Finals (£10)

Wayne Martin 3-2 Danny Ould
Richard Amalou 3-1 Patrick Ashurst

Danny did what Sam had done in the quarter-final, potted match ball pink and went in-off. Again, Wayne recovered and pinched the match.

Final (£50 / £25)

Wayne Martin 3-0 Richard Amalou

Richard made it really tough but Wayne used all his experience to seal the victory. An impressive debut for Richard though and I hope to see him again next season.

Frame scores (Wayne first)

119(59)-44, 84-59, 85-72

Honours Board

Click on the button below to see Wayne’s name on the Hucknall Open Honours Board.

High Breaks (£5)

Wayne Martin 85,59
Danny Ould 59,40
Richard Amalou 40


Tournament start time: 10.40am

Tournament end time: 5.45pm

Number of competitors: 10

Number of matches: 9

Average table cost per competitor: £10.77

Steve Butler

Nottingham Snooker Tournament Director

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