Hussain wins Hucknall Open for the fifth time

Hussain wins Hucknall Open for the fifth time

Hucknall Open 12

In-form Nav Hussain won the Hucknall Open today, defeating Darryl Clarke in the final. Nav has been playing really well of late – only three days ago he recorded a 3-0 victory over Wayne Martin on the Challenge Ladder – and he played superbly throughout today’s tournament.

Nav recorded breaks of 56 and 37 to lead 1-0. The second frame was a close affair, but Darryl presented his opponent with too many chances and Nav soon closed out the match.

Preliminary Round

Nav Hussain 3-1 Jordan Parnham
Wayne Martin 3-0 Koen Hughes
Mick Garratt 3-2 Ben Monk
Sam Burton 3-2 Dave Jobling
Alfie Moore 3-2 Adam Hussain

Last 16

Nav Hussain 3-0 Wayne Martin
Mick Garratt 3-1 Sam Burton
Audie Miller 3-2 Alfie Moore
Danny Ould 3-0 Macauley Croft
Oliver Turner 3-1 Terry Dowson
Ant Moore 3-0 Manfred Corbin
Moe Anyanwu 3-2 Robert Garratt
Darryl Clarke 3-0 Jamie Barker


Nan Hussain 3-0 Mick Garratt
Danny Ould 3-0 Audie Miller
Oliver Turner 3-1 Ant Moore
Darryl Clarke 3-2 Moe Anyanwu

Semi-Finals (£10)

Nav Hussain 2-0 Danny Ould
Darryl Clarke 3-2 Oliver Turner

Final (£50 / £25)

Nav Hussain 2-0 Darryl Clarke

High Breaks

Nav Hussain: 71,67,56,50
Audie Miller: 58
Darryl Clarke: 53


Adam Hussain (-7)
Alfie Moore (35)
Antony Moore (0)
Audie Miller (-7)
Ben Monk (-14)
Danny Ould (-7)
Darryl Clarke (7)
Dave Jobling (-14)
Jamie Barker (7)
Jordan Parnham (7)
Koen Hughes (7)
Macauley Croft (-7)
Manfred Corbin (0)
Mick Garrett (7)
Moe Anyanwu (0)
Nav Hussain (-21)
Oliver Turner (-7)
Robert Garratt (0)
Sam Burton (7)
Terry Dowson (-7)
Wayne Martin (-21)

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker Tournament Director

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