December on the Ladder

December on the Ladder

Three players joined the Ladder during December, bringing the total number of competitors to 75. Of these, 13 players were inactive at the month end. A total of 74 matches were played during the month, which is a small increase on November.

Defenders performed slightly better than Challengers during December, with Defenders winning 39 matches and Challengers winning 35.

The average number of days between challenges being made and matches being played (lead time average) was 7, which is 1 day less than the previous month (8). Only 2 players had an LTA of 15 days or more at the end of the month, whereas 44 players have an excellent LTA of 7 days or less and 29 have an acceptable LTA of 8-14 days. A reminder that financial penalties may be imposed on any player who finishes the season with an LTA of 15 days or more.

The final day for new player applications was 31 December 2022 and I received one application on this day. The new player will added to the Ladder in January and any players who have been inactive for any considerable length of time, particularly those who have not communicated with me, will be removed from the Ladder in January. All remaining players will then have a further two months to play some matches and climb as high as possible.

I am regularly asked what date the Ladder finishes on. The end of season procedure is detailed in the Ladder rules as follows:

End of season

  • The final date for submission of Challenge Forms shall be 20 February 2023. These final forms will be processed on 21 February 2023.
  • Ideally, any matches pending on 21 February 2023 shall be played by 28 February 2023.
  • In any event, all matches must be played by 14 March 2023 at the latest.
  • The TD may impose financial penalties on any player(s) whose matches are not played on or before 14 March 2023.

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker Tournament Director

November Statistics

Matches played: 74

Challenges won: 35

Defences won: 39

Highest climber: Andrew Diacopoulos (+20)

Most matches played: Ben Cox, Danny Cresswell & Shane Fella (5)

Most days at the top: Tony Morgan (27)

Highest break: Danny Ould (99)

Lead Time Average across all players: 7 days

How the Ladder looked at the end of December 2022

Results December 2022

Player Statistics as at 31 December 2022

Provisional Prize Money Allocation


MPM = Main prize money

CB = Club bonus

LBB = Lucky boy’s bonus

AB = Age bonus

QSB = Q School bonus


Terms and conditions apply and some of the prize money shown in the above table may not be paid out at the end of the season if certain criteria are not met.

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