A fantastic fourth Holgates Masters title for Keith Holgate

A fantastic fourth Holgates Masters title for Keith Holgate

Keith Holgate withstood a brief fightback from Andrew Diacopoulos on Friday evening to win a fantastic final 4-2 and lift the Pete Holgate Memorial Trophy for the fourth time. Keith had previously won this tournament in 2014, 2016 and 2018 and no other player has won it as many times in its ten year history.

A huge thanks to Paul Wainwright for refereeing the final, taking the photos and providing the match report.

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker

Match Report

Frame 1
The opening frame was nip and tuck with both players understandably a little nervous. Keith took the frame by potting brown, blue and pink to lead 1-0.

Frame 2
Another close frame was edged by Keith as he took a 2-0 lead.

Frame 3
Andrew started to play well and he scored with every visit, winning the frame convincingly and reducing Keith’s lead to just one frame.

Frame 4
Andrew made a lovely 68 break which could have been more but he missed a cannon on last two reds when trying to force an angle off the black. This was more than enough to take the frame and level the match at 2-2.

Frame 5
Another very close frame which Keith pinched by making a 25 clearance when trailing by 17 points.

Frame 6
With Keith now one frame away from victory, Andrew needed to win this frame to force a decider. But it was Keith who got in first with an excellent run of 49, applying even more pressure on Andrew. The Notts Amateur champion had a chance, but he broke down prematurely and Keith potted a long red, followed by two yellows which was enough to take frame and match.

Frame Scores (Keith first)
50-42, 63-41, 17-63, 10-82(68), 49-41, 69(49)-16

Prize Money & Trophies

Winner: £150 + Trophy
Runner-up: £70 + Trophy
Losing semi-finalists: £30

Results from earlier rounds


  1. Keith Holgate 3-1 Chris Winter
  2. Nav Hussain 1-3 Andrew Diacopoulos


  1. Terry Dowson 0-3 Andrew Diacopoulos
  2. Manfred Corbin 1-3 Keith Holgate (56)
  3. Chris Winter 3-0 Patrick Ashurst
  4. Nav Hussain (52) 4-1 Steve Butler

Last 16

  1. Keith Holgate (51) 3-0 Steve D’Arcy
  2. Selina Dean 1-3 Manfred Corbin
  3. Shane Fella 0-5 Steve Butler (57)
  4. Patrick Hort 0-4 Andrew Diacopoulos
  5. Wayne Smith 1-3 Nav Hussain (71)
  6. Richard Wheelhouse (84) 2-3 Terry Dowson
  7. Patrick Ashurst 3-1 Audie Miller
  8. Martin Conway 0-3 Chris Winter

Preliminary Round

  1. Martin Conway 4-3 Tony Morgan
  2. Ben Cooper (52) 2-4 Andrew Diacopoulos
  3. Dean North 0-3 Patrick Hort
  4. Wayne Martin 0-3 Nav Hussain (51)
  5. Alan Caulton 0-3 Terry Dowson
  6. Selina Dean 3-1 Steven Hughes
  7. Audie Miller 3-1 Gary Spencer
  8. Steve Butler 3-0 James Baillie
  9. Keith Holgate 3-0 Ant McMahon
  10. Patrick Ashurst (55) 3-0 Ben Monk
  11. Richard Wheelhouse 3-0 Kevin Henson
  12. Shane Fella 4-3 Mick Garratt
  13. Mark Taylor 1-3 Chris Winter

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