Challenge Ladder season 2022/23 – prize money totalling £1,000 plus 15 trophies to be presented

Challenge Ladder season 2022/23 – prize money totalling £1,000 plus 15 trophies to be presented

The Challenge Ladder is now an established part of the Nottingham Snooker calendar and season two concluded on 5th March 2023 with the final match of a fantastic six-month campaign.

The Ladder continues to grow in size, having started on 1st September 2022 with 58 competitors and ending with 68 competitors. I already have 8 new players signed up for next season which is great news.

There were 57 matches played during February and a further 4 matches played in March. The total number of matches played over the course of the season was 454 which is an average of 17 matches per week. That’s an increase on last season of 5 matches every week.

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker Tournament Director

February/March Statistics

Matches played: 61

Challenges won: 27

Defences won: 34

Highest climber: Wayne Smith (+23)

Most matches played: Martin Conway, Mick Garratt, Moe Anyanwu, Nick Lester, Nick Sharp, Robert Garratt, Sam Burton and Shane Fella (4)

Most days at the top: Andrew Brooke (22)

Highest break: Chris Winter (54)

Average number of days between challenge being made and match being played: 7

How the Ladder looked when it concluded on 5 March 2023

Results February/March 2023

Club Bonuses & Lucky Boy’s Bonus – Final Standings

Age Group Bonuses – Final Standings

The player finishing the highest in each age group receives a £30 bonus.

Prize Money & Trophies

A total of £1,000 in prize money will be paid out. This consists of prize money that was proposed at the start of the season in addition to some discretionary prize money that shall be paid to players who I believe deserve to be financially recognised for their participation and achievements.

It has always been my ethos to reward those players who support Nottingham Snooker. I intend to do this both financially and with trophies where I feel additional recognition is justified.

Below is a list of players who will receive prize money and/or a trophy.

John Fountain £100 + Trophy

John started the season in 4th position and ended it in 6th. His highest position was 2nd and his lowest was 11th. He played 12 matches, winning 8 of them and losing just 4 (67% win ratio). He wins £100 in total, which is more than any other player on the Ladder.

6th position on Ladder £40
Club bonus £30
Age group (30-39) bonus £30

Keith Holgate £90 + Trophy

Keith started the season in 8th position and climbed three places to finish in 5th. He played 12 matches, winning 7 and losing 5 (58%).

5th position on Ladder £40
Lucky Boy’s bonus £20
Age group (60-69) bonus £30

Joseph Reynolds £90 + Trophy

Joe started the season in 56th position and proceeded to win all 12 of the matches he played, climbing 48 places to finish 8th.

8th position on Ladder £40
Club bonus £20
Age group (19-29) bonus £30

Andrew Diacopoulos £80 + Trophy

Andrew joined the Ladder in 63rd position and went on a fantastic 11 match unbeaten run that culminated in him snatching 1st place from Andrew Brooke on 22nd February. His victories in chronological order were Richard Amalou 3-0, Dean North 3-0, Istvan Sereg 3-0, Kevin Henson 3-0, Shane Fella 4-1, Steve D’Arcy 3-0, Dan Moll 3-0, Israr Ahmed 3-0, Audie Miller 3-1, Keith Holgate 3-1, Andrew Brooke 3-1. Very impressive to only drop 4 frames all season!

1st position on Ladder £50
Age group (40-49) bonus £30

Andrew Brooke £80 + Trophy

Andrew had a terrific season. He started in 31st position and climbed 29 places to finish 2nd. He was one of only five players who managed to capture the top spot and he spent 22 days there before being toppled by Andrew Diacopoulos right at the death. He played 12 matches, winning 8 and losing just 4 for a 67% win ratio.

2nd position on Ladder £50
Age group (50-59) bonus £30

Patrick Ashurst £80 + Trophy

Patrick had a wonderful season. He started in 10th position and climbed 7 places to finish 3rd. He played 12 matches and won 10 of them for an impressive 83% win ratio. He also managed to take top spot in January and he remained there for 23 days before he was toppled by Andrew Brooke on 31st January.

3rd position on Ladder £50
Club Bonus £30

Martin Conway £70 + Trophy

Martin has really embraced the Ladder this season. He started in 51st position and climbed an impressive 47 places to finish 4th. He played 18 matches, winning 13 of them for a 72% win ratio.

4th position on Ladder £50
Club Bonus £20

Sam Burton £65 + Trophy

Sam played a total of 26 matches throughout the season, which is more than any other player. He won 13 matches for a 50% win ratio and he finished the season in 16th position, having started in 32nd, which is very impressive. It’s been a great season for Sam who has improved a lot and it is apparent that he really loves playing snooker. To recognise the huge improvement in his game I will be presenting Sam with a trophy and £25 in prize money for being the Most Improved Player.

16th position on Ladder £20
Club Bonus £20
Most Improved Player £25

Danny Ould £50 + Trophy

Danny made a 99 break in his match against Dan Moll on 19th December, which is the highest break of the season. He finished the season in 12th position having played 15 matches, winning 7 for a 47% win ratio.

12th position on Ladder £30
Highest Break £20

Tony Morgan £40 + Trophy

Tony had two spells at the top of the Ladder, the first lasted 41 days and the second 35, a total of 76 days, which is more than any other player this season. He started the season in 6th position and finished it in 7th. He won 5 of the 9 matches he played, which is a 56% win ratio.

7th position on Ladder £40

Nav Hussain £40

Nav took the top spot on the Ladder on 30th October and stayed there for 35 days until he was toppled by Tony Morgan. He played a total of 10 matches, winning 7 for a 70% win ratio. He finished the season in 9th position, having started in 3rd.

9th position on Ladder £30
Club Bonus £10

Wayne Martin £30

Wayne played 12 matches, winning 8 of them for a 67% win ratio. He finished the season strongly, winning four of the last five matches he played. Having started the season in 15th position, he climbed 5 places to finish 10th.

10th position on Ladder £30

Chris Winter £30

Chris dropped 6 places, starting in 5th and finishing 11th, but he ended the season strongly, winning his last four matches. He played 9 matches in total, winning 7 of them for a 78% win ratio.

11th position on Ladder £30

Ben Reed £30 + Trophy

Players were asked to nominate someone for the Players’ Player of the Season award and I am pleased to announce that Ben received the most nominations. For this he will receive a trophy and £30 in prize money.

I strongly believe that players should receive recognition for how they conduct themselves both on and off the table, which is why I have introduced this new award. Here are some of the comments that players made when they nominated Ben for this special award:

  • He is just a nice guy who clearly loves the game. I would love to see him win a few more matches which will no doubt come with experience as well.
  • Massively improved, arguably the most improved player (there are a few).
  • He is such a gent.
  • A lovely chap who despite not winning too often is just a great person to spend time with.
  • He is an overall nice guy.
  • Never complains, never refuses a challenge, clearly just enjoys playing and he is a pleasure to play snooker against.

Players’ Player of the Season £30

Danny Cresswell £25 + Trophy

I have selected Danny to receive my Superstar award. Despite having to go inactive for 12 days, he still managed to play a total of 21 matches, winning 11 of them for a 52% win ratio. I was particularly impressed with Danny’s LTA. The average time between a challenge being made/received and the match being played over those 21 matches was just 3 days! Danny is another player who just enjoys playing snooker and it’s a pleasure to have him involved.

Superstar £25

Ben Cooper £20

Ben played 13 matches, winning 5 of them for a 38% win ratio. I know Ben has struggled finding time to practice after starting a new job which is reflected in his match results, but he had some good wins and still managed to finish in a creditable 13th position.

13th position on Ladder £20

Audie Miller £20

Audie had a good season, playing 14 matches and winning 8 for a 57% win ratio. Having started the season in 20th position, he climbed 6 places to finish 14th.

14th position on Ladder £20

Ben Monk £20

Ben had a great season, starting in 37th position and climbing 22 places to finish 15th. He had an excellent 77% win ratio having won 10 of the 13 matches he played.

15th position on Ladder £20

Alan Caulton £20 + Trophy

Alan played 13 matches, winning 8 of them for a 62% win ratio. He finished in 24th position, 3 places higher than where he started. He finished higher than any other player from Stapleford Cue Club and for that he receives £20 plus a trophy.

Club Bonus £20

Malc Grocock £10 + Trophy

Although he finished 9 places lower than where he started, Malc still had a good season. He played 14 matches, winning 9 of them for a 64% win ratio. He only made 2 challenges, which explains why he dropped 9 places, despite having such a good win ratio. Finishing the season in 23rd position, Malc was the third highest placed player from Spot On Hucknall, for which he receives £10 and a trophy.

Club Bonus £10

Moe Anyanwu £10 + Trophy

Moe has had a terrific season, playing 25 matches and winning 15 of them for a 60% win ratio. Having started the season in 53rd position, he climbed 26 places to finish 27th. I’m awarding Moe £10 and presenting him with a trophy as a reward for his fantastic match reports, which got longer and more amusing as the season progressed.

Best Match Reports £10

Next Season

Season 3 will commence in September 2023 and will again last for 6 months.

If you know of anyone who may be suitable for the Ladder please ask them to visit

I will contact all existing players in August to seek confirmation that they wish to play in Season 3.

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