Andrew Diacopoulos wins the Open Singles for a second time

Andrew Diacopoulos wins the Open Singles for a second time

Andrew Diacopoulos capped a terrific season with another success, capturing the Open Singles crown at Welcome Institute on Friday evening. Andrew takes home prize money of £150 and the Open Singles trophy, taking his prize money tally this season to £500.

His opponent, Jim Harrison, played his part in a great final which saw both players produce an attacking game. They also played the match in good spirits, displaying true sportsmanship throughout.

The venue was first class and the table played fantastically well all evening. I hadn’t been to the club for a few years and I was really impressed. The addition of the electronic scoreboards makes it a fantastic venue for these finals.

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker

Match Report

Frame 1
Andrew started the match strongly, scoring consistently to take a 1-0 lead.

Frame 2
The second frame was much closer but a 35 break from Andrew did the damage and he managed to take the frame for a 2-0 lead.

Frame 3
A lovely 44 break from Jim helped him take the frame convincingly as he reduced the deficit, 2-1 to Andrew.

Frame 4
This was the best frame of the match. Jim looked odds on to level the match at 2-2 as he went 26 points ahead with just 22 on the table. As Andrew tried for a snooker, Jim went in-off the brown and Andrew proceeded to clear the table to level the scores at 58-58 and force a re-spot. Andrew lost the toss and Jim elected to put Andrew in first. Most players would have tried to put the black safe, but not Andrew, he chose to go for the pot and he got it! Andrew now leads the match 3-1.

Frame 5
Andrew took an early lead but Jim replied with an impressive 22 break that included some brilliant pots and positional play. However, just as it looked like he might go on to clear the table, he mis-cued on the green. Andrew then potted a fantastic long green finishing perfectly on the brown, which he slotted home and Jim conceded frame and match, 4-1 to Andrew.

Frame Scores (Andrew first)
63-17, 60(35)-48, 8-53(44), 65-58, 56-32

Prize Money & Trophies

Winner: £150 + Trophy
Runner-up: £70 + Trophy
Losing semi-finalists: £25

Results from earlier rounds


  1. Andrew Diacopoulos 3-1 Ben Monk
  2. Richard Wheelhouse (75) 1-3 Jim Harrison


  1. Ant McMahon 0-3 Richard Wheelhouse
  2. Ben Monk w/o-scr Nav Hussain
  3. Chris Winter 1-3 Jim Harrison
  4. Andrew Diacopoulos 3-1 Audie Miller

Last 16

  1. Richard Wheelhouse (54) 3-0 Shane Fella
  2. Ben Monk 3-1 Kyle Ryde
  3. Gavin Shirley 2-3 Chris Winter (54)
  4. Patrick Ashurst 0-3 Nav Hussain (55)
  5. Keith Holgate 0-3 Andrew Diacopoulos
  6. Ant McMahon 3-0 Steven Hughes
  7. Audie Miller 3-0 Ben Reed
  8. Cary Davies 0-3 Jim Harrison

Preliminary Round

  1. Audie Miller 3-1 Alan Caulton
  2. Terry Dowson 0-3 Richard Wheelhouse
  3. Mark Taylor 2-3 Ben Monk
  4. Steven Hughes 3-1 Selina Dean
  5. Gavin Shirley 4-3 Martin Conway
  6. Danny Ould 0-3 Patrick Ashurst
  7. Jim Harrison 3-0 Dale Prime
  8. Moe Anyanwu 0-3 Chris Winter
  9. Keith Holgate 3-1 Wayne Martin
  10. Cary Davies 4-2 Gary Spencer

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