Silver Handicap KO – Last 32

Silver Handicap KO – Last 32

Last 32

  1. Mohsin Faiz (35) scr-w/o Nick Lester (14)
  2. Mark Hayman (7) 3-2 Lee Thorn (7) (Dec 6)
  3. Keiran Miles (21) 3-2 Nick Sharp (7) (Dec 16)
  4. Mark Whittle (35) 0-3 Ishan Seth (21) (Nov 30)
  5. Ben Cox (28) 1-3 Andy Upton (28) (Dec 17)
  6. Ellis Abbott (21) 1-3 Adam Moss (7) (Dec 8)
  7. Toby Bowley (14) scr-w/o Manfred Corbin (7)
  8. Carl Smith (14) 3-1 Darryl Clarke (7) (Dec 12)
  9. Jordan Bowery (14) w/o-scr Jon Shapland (14)
  10. Thomas Vamplew (21) 3-0 Freddy Mulheron (14) (Dec 6)
  11. Dean North (28) 0-3 Shane Miles (28) (Dec 18)
  12. Alan Caulton (7) 4-3 Shane Fella (14) (Dec 8)
  13. Danny Cresswell (7) w/o-scr Mick Garratt (7)
  14. Tony Casey (14) 3-0 Kevin Barlow (7) (Dec 10)
  15. Robert Garratt (14) w/o-scr Richard Pedley (35)
  16. Richard Amalou (7) scr-w/o Warren Benjamin (35)

(The player on the left is the home player)

Deadline for matches to be played: 18 December 2023.

Draw made via Facebook Live on 28 November 2023.

Prize Money

Winner: £50 + Trophy
Runner-up: £20

General Rules

This tournament will be played in accordance with the official rules of snooker as published by the WPBSA.

The miss rule WILL NOT BE PLAYED unless both competitors elect to play it.


All competitors will receive a handicap. This enables weaker players to be far more competitive and ensures that the stronger players have to work hard for their victory, regardless of the standard of their opponent.

Your handicap can be found on this page:


Player A has a handicap of 0

Player B has a handicap of +28

At the start of every frame, Player B will receive a start of 28 points. This is the difference between 0 and +28.

If you cannot find your name on the list, or you have any queries regarding handicaps, please contact Steve Butler (Tournament Director).


A random draw will take place prior to each round and be broadcast live via Facebook Live.  The first player drawn shall be the home player.  The draw will be published on the Nottingham Snooker website.

Match duration

All matches will be best of 3 frames except for the final which will be best of 5 frames.

Match venue

Matches up to and including the semi-finals will be played at any venue of the home player’s choosing within the Nottinghamshire county boundary.  The final will be played at a neutral venue.

Paying for the table

The player drawn at home will be responsible for all table costs.


A referee will be provided for the final.

Arranging Matches

The Nottingham Snooker VAR Procedure will be used to arrange matches:

VAR Procedure

View the draw

  • The TD will publish the draw on the Nottingham Snooker website.
  • Players will also receive a message from the TD with details of their opponent (including their phone number) and the deadline for the match to be played (typically 21 days after the date of the draw).

Arrange and play your match

Within 2 days of the draw, both players must:

  • Make contact with each other and arrange the match.
  • Inform the TD of the date of the match.

Players will then play the match on the agreed date.

Result to TD

  • Immediately following the match being played, the WINNER must send the result to the TD, including details of any breaks over 50.
  • The TD will then publish the result on the Nottingham Snooker website.

Penalty for Unsporting Conduct

The TD is at liberty to expel a player from the tournament for any conduct that he considers to be unsporting or at the detriment to the fair progression of the tournament.

Any failure to adhere to the tournament rules and/or VAR procedures will be classed as unsporting conduct and may result in a player being expelled from the tournament by the TD.

TD Discretion

The TD may, at his discretion, allow slight variations to these rules UPON REQUEST, if he feels it will not impede the fair progression of the tournament.

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