Wayne Martin wins the Holgates Masters

Wayne Martin wins the Holgates Masters

Wayne Martin beat Andrew Diacopoulos 4-0 on Tuesday evening to win the Holgates Masters for a second time, having previously lifted the trophy in 2022.

Last season’s champion, Keith Holgate, was on hand to present the trophy to Wayne. Thanks to Holgates of Nottingham for their continued sponsorship of the tournament and to Paul Wainwright who kept the scores and provided a match report (see below).

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker

Match Report

Frame 1
A scrappy frame both had a few chances, Andy making a small break of 28 although Wayne just kept plugging really and making the most of his chances to open up a one frame lead.

Frame 2
A close affair both getting chances Wayne making a 45 in the frame and taking a 2-0 lead.

Frame 3
Andy gets the first chance, goes in the pack off the blue and ends up with absolutely nothing, so is forced into a difficult red which is subsequently missed. Wayne comes in to make a lovely 78 break to take the frame and lead 3-0.

Frame 4
Wayne got in first with a break of 45 then missed a straight red which was close to the cushion. Andy replied with 46. Both had chances until Wayne potted a superb long red, swinging the white round two cushions to leave a straight pink with the rest to take the frame and match to become 2023/24 Holgates Masters champion.

Frame Scores (Wayne first)
62-33, 70-44, 78(78)-16, 79-62

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Prize Money & Trophies

Winner: £180 + Trophy
Runner-up: £70
Losing semi-finalists: £30

Results from earlier rounds


  1. Audie Miller 3-4 Wayne Martin (Jan 5)
  2. Andrew Diacopoulos 3-1 Chris Winter (Jan 18)


  1. Andrew Diacopoulos 3-1 Richard Wheelhouse (Dec 18)
  2. Dave Bolton 2-3 Audie Miller (Dec 17)
  3. Lea Bradshaw 1-3 Chris Winter (Dec 21)
  4. Lee Hage 0-3 Wayne Martin (Dec 19)

Last 16

  1. Richard Wheelhouse 3-0 Keith Holgate (Nov 27)
  2. Wayne Martin 3-0 Mark Taylor (Nov 24)
  3. Shane Fella 2-3 Lea Bradshaw (Nov 17)
  4. Andrew Diacopoulos 3-1 Keith Waterhouse (Nov 21)
  5. Dave Bolton 3-2 Patrick Ashurst (Nov 23)
  6. Audie Miller 3-1 Jim Harrison (Dec 1)
  7. Lee Hage 3-0 Steven Hughes (Dec 3)
  8. Chris Winter 3-1 Nav Hussain (Nov 30)

Preliminary Round

  1. Ben Monk 2-3 Patrick Ashurst (Nov 10)
  2. Gary Spencer 2-3 Chris Winter (Nov 8)
  3. Andrew Diacopoulos 3-0 Ben Cooper (Nov 12)
  4. Jim Harrison 3-2 Guy Dennis (Nov 11)
  5. Terry Dowson 2-3 Wayne Martin (Oct 26)
  6. Audie Miller w/o-scr Alex Radford
  7. Martin Conway 0-3 Lee Hage (Nov 12)

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