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Ladder News 06-03-23

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The 454th and final match of the season resulted in a victory for Joe Reynolds who came back from 1-3 down to beat Nav Hussain 4-3. Joe moves above Nav into 8th position.
The final Ladder PDF document of the season is attached. Here is a list of the contents:
Page 1 - Ladder
Page 2 - Statistics
Page 3 - September Results
Page 4 - October Results
Page 5 - November Results
Page 6 - December Results
Page 7 - January Results
Page 8 - February & March Results
I will need a few days to analyse the statistics and compile a list of the players who will receive prize money and trophies. Just like last season, I may award some discretionary prize money and trophies to players who I feel deserve special recognition. Once I have completed this process, I will publish an article on the website and share the link on social media.