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Ladder News 04-02-23

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Robert Garratt successfully defended 33rd position with a 4-2 win against Steven Hughes.

Moe Anyanwu climbs to 25th position thanks to a 5-1 victory over Mick Garratt. Here is an amusing match report courtesy of Moe:

1 - Moe dominated the 1st with couple of 20 plus breaks but Mick got me in a lot of snookers earning 30 plus points taking the frame to the colours but Moe screws an excellent blue down the rail to take blue and pink for the frame.

2 - Scrappy frame with black sitting over corner bag for most of frame. Frame goes down to last red with Moe potting a good red, black, yellow, green and brown needing just blue but then Moe flukes blue and then flukes the pink back to back to go 2-0 up. Mick is fuming. ?

3 - Moe gets off to a good start in frame 3 but flukes another red and pink right at the start of the frame resulting in Moe going 40 points ahead but then Mick has a couple of very good chances with the reds all in the open with black on spot but he does not capitalise due to being extremely frustrated with Moe taking a 3-0 lead. (Mick tips the table over lol ?).

4 - Mick loses his head even more with Moe dominating the frame potting some fantastic long balls and wins 52 points to 2 to go 4-0 up.

5 - Mick finds some fight and wins the 5th frame convincingly with some great potting winning the frame 62 to 21 to make it 4-1. (The good old Mick Garratt we know) ??

6 - Moe starts with a 23 break then continues to cue very well potting some excellent long balls again. Mick, being frustrated and knowing he’s been convincingly beaten decided to concede the frame with Moe being 39 points ahead with 51 left on table for Moe to win 5-1.