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Tournament News 17-11-23

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Gold Handicap KO

Audie Miller just managed to scrape a 2-1 win in an entertaining encounter with Kevin Barlow. The first frame was a close affair with Kevin taking it on the pink. The second frame all changed when Kevin tried to snooker Audie behind the green. He massively under hit the shot and after a few more mistakes by Kevin, Audie secured the frame on the brown to force a decider. Audie was in first with a nice 38 break. Kevin replied with breaks of 20 and 16 to regain control. Eventually Kevin just needed the blue for victory, but he was unable to bring it away from the cushion and it ended up being pushed onto the black which was hanging over the pocket. Just one mistake from Audie and Kevin would be odds on to win the match. A bout of tactical play followed for around 20/30 minutes and Audie somehow managed to avoid knocking the black in. The battle ultimately came to an end when the blue was dislodged from the black and Kevin made an error, after which Audie potted blue, pink and black to seal an unlikely victory.

Other result:

Adam Moss (7) 0-2 Selina Dean (28)