Steve wins at West Notts Unionist Club

Steve wins at West Notts Unionist Club

The boys received one of their warmest welcomes yet at the friendly but competitive West Notts Unionist Club in Hyson Green.

This small club boasts a superb steel block Burroughes & Watts snooker table right in the heart of the lounge and the atmosphere generated by the club’s members was amazing.  This clearly inspired Steve who put in one of his best performances, delighting onlookers with a slick run of 29 to seal a victory.

Steve’s performance was so impressive that it was met with a challenge from the club’s reigning snooker champion Pat Nally.  Pat clearly fancied his chances as he offered to play a frame for money.  Steve accepted the challenge on the condition that if he won, all proceeds go to our charity.  Their frame was a tense affair with plenty of safety and snookers.  Nally was an experienced campaigner and he used all that experience to pinch a narrow victory.  Never mind though, some members threw a load of cash into the pot and insisted it all went to charity.  Another £40 raised and all thanks to the generous members of West Notts Unionist Club.

Current Tour Scorecard

Steve 13-11 Jon

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