John Fountain crowned 2019 Masters Champion

John Fountain crowned 2019 Masters Champion

A huge congratulations to John Fountain who defeated Nav Hussain 3-0 in the final of the Nottingham Snooker Masters.

Both players struggled with the conditions on a humid evening in Gotham Match Room.  The cloth was playing a bit heavy and as a result it was difficult to compile any decent breaks.  Wayne Martin’s 70 break, compiled at the Hucknall venue, was the highest of the tournament and he receives £10.

Both John and Nav played the match with smiles on their faces and it was a pleasure to referee.  John takes home £100 and the Masters trophy.  Nav takes home £50.

Here is a highlights video showing all scoring shots.  Apologies for the poor sound quality on the video which is due to a badly placed microphone.

Or you can watch the full match here:

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