November on the Ladder

November on the Ladder

One player left the Ladder during November but two new players joined, bringing the total number of competitors to 72. Of these, 9 players were inactive at the month end. A total of 71 matches were played during the month, which is down on October, but still very good.

Challengers performed quite a bit better than Defenders during November, with Challengers winning 40 matches and Defenders winning 31. This was reflected in the large amount of movement on the Ladder throughout the month.

The average number of days between challenges being made and matches being played (lead time average) was 8, which is the an increase on previous months which have tended to be around 6 days.

The introduction of a number of VAR tournaments over the last few weeks was bound to have an impact on the LTA as players have to fit many more matches in to their limited leisure time.

No new players will be accepted onto the Ladder after 31 December 2022, so if you are reading this and want to take part, complete a sign up form without delay:

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker Tournament Director

November Statistics

Matches played: 71

Challenges won: 40

Defences won: 31

Highest climber: Martin Conway (+24)

Most matches played: Moe Anyanwu (5)

Most days at the top: Nav Hussain (30)

Highest break: Martin Conway (61)

Lead Time Average across all players: 8 days

How the Ladder looked at the end of November 2022

Results November 2022

Player Statistics as at 30 November 2022

Provisional Prize Money Allocation


MPM = Main prize money

CB = Club bonus

LBB = Lucky boy’s bonus

AB = Age bonus

QSB = Q School bonus


Terms and conditions apply and some of the prize money shown in the above table may not be paid out at the end of the season if certain criteria are not met.

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