Dominant Dale Leads Lenton into Prime Position

Dominant Dale Leads Lenton into Prime Position

Monday Team League (Summer 2023)

Lenton Liberal Club won by four frames to one at home to go top of the table for the first time this Summer 2023 season, as the Nottingham Snooker team league resumed after breaking (or should that be resting…) for the back-to-back early May and King’s coronation bank-holiday Mondays.  Dale Prime starred with a 52 break on the way to scoring over a hundred points in the first frame for Lenton against Bulwell Church Institute’s “AJ” side.

Phil Connolly teamed up with Prime to take the pairs frame, the former then securing the five bonus points for Lenton with a 70-3 scoreline before the latter added his second singles to round out a near-perfect night for the Birmingham-born but now Beeston-based potter.  Prime’s compilation of 52 pushed his own opening-night 44 down to fourth place on the season’s high-break board, but a 99 clearance also in the first round of matches from Andy Diacopoulos remains comfortably clear at the top.

Check him out: more table cloth than snooker cloth?

While BCI AJ now trail Lenton Liberal Club in the league table on that head-to-head result alone, BCI ‘B’ hosted Mansfield’s Towers side and returned a 3-2 verdict to leapfrog their visitors into third place outright.  They trail the leading duo by one point.

Mark Morrisey marked his first appearance in the league by winning his singles frame and then combining with BCI B team-mate, Steve Purser, for pairs success.  Paul Wainwright Snr nicked the fourth frame on the black to make sure of the match, with Diacopoulos adding a consolation frame for Towers.

Despite losing out at Academy Reds, Spot On Hucknall climb to fifth place and have a game in hand on all of the teams above them.  Cary Davies of the Sneinton-based side was the match’s standout player though, winning each of his singles by over twenty points – the second of which under the pressure of playing the deciding frame.

Victory could not lift Reds off the bottom of the table, however, as Carlton & District Liberal Club were also deciding-frame home victors over Academy ‘A’.  Two singles wins for Academy’s Toby Bowley sandwiched successes on singles and pairs for Koen Hughes to ensure the final frame would be snooker’s equivalent of a six pointer.

James Bailie held his nerve to take the frame point and with it the five match-win points for the Burton Road side, keeping them a point ahead of Academy Reds in the league table.  This latest round of results has given rise to a situation where after just three weeks of play, every team has now won a match but no-one is undefeated.

The Venue had no game last week.  With no-one having come forward to replace the dropped-out Phoenix Cue Sports, the league will now proceed to the end of the Summer 2023 season with nine teams.  Where the fixtures previously showed matches against the Eastwood side, Phoenix’s opponents will have a blank week.

Next week’s matches see reigning Monday-league champions and current pacesetters, Lenton Liberal Club, travel to Towers to take on last season’s Tuesday-league winners.  Academy A host BCI B at Nottingham’s Spot On snooker club, while Carlton & District Liberal Club visit Spot On Hucknall. The Venue and Academy Reds currently occupy the bottom two places in the league table, but both have a game in hand on the teams immediately above them and will be looking to make the most of it when the two sides face off in Rainworth.  BCI AJ sit the next round out.

Weekly report courtesy of Jon Shapland (League Organiser)

Match Results (May 15)

League Table

Next Fixtures (May 22)

Spot On Hucknall v Carlton Liberal Club
Academy A v BCI B
The Towers v Lenton Liberal Club
The Venue v Academy Reds

Full League Fixtures

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DateHome TeamAway Team
17/04/2023Academy AThe Towers
17/04/2023ByeSpot On Hucknall
17/04/2023BCI BThe Venue
17/04/2023Lenton Liberal ClubAcademy Reds
17/04/2023Carlton Liberal ClubBCI AJ
24/04/2023Academy RedsBye
24/04/2023Carlton Liberal ClubThe Towers
24/04/2023The VenueLenton Liberal Club
24/04/2023Spot On HucknallAcademy A
24/04/2023BCI AJBCI B
15/05/2023Carlton Liberal ClubAcademy A
15/05/2023ByeThe Venue
15/05/2023BCI BThe Towers
15/05/2023Lenton Liberal ClubBCI AJ
15/05/2023Academy RedsSpot On Hucknall
22/05/2023BCI AJBye
22/05/2023Spot On HucknallCarlton Liberal Club
22/05/2023Academy ABCI B
22/05/2023The TowersLenton Liberal Club
22/05/2023The VenueAcademy Reds
05/06/2023BCI BCarlton Liberal Club
05/06/2023Academy RedsBCI AJ
05/06/2023Lenton Liberal ClubAcademy A
05/06/2023The VenueSpot On Hucknall
05/06/2023ByeThe Towers
12/06/2023Carlton Liberal ClubLenton Liberal Club
12/06/2023Academy ABye
12/06/2023Spot On HucknallBCI B
12/06/2023BCI AJThe Venue
12/06/2023The TowersAcademy Reds
19/06/2023The VenueThe Towers
19/06/2023BCI AJSpot On Hucknall
19/06/2023Academy RedsAcademy A
19/06/2023ByeCarlton Liberal Club
19/06/2023Lenton Liberal ClubBCI B
26/06/2023Carlton Liberal ClubAcademy Reds
26/06/2023Spot On HucknallLenton Liberal Club
26/06/2023Academy AThe Venue
26/06/2023BCI BBye
26/06/2023The TowersBCI AJ
03/07/2023Academy RedsBCI B
03/07/2023The VenueCarlton Liberal Club
03/07/2023ByeLenton Liberal Club
03/07/2023Spot On HucknallThe Towers
03/07/2023BCI AJAcademy A
10/07/2023The TowersAcademy A
10/07/2023Spot On HucknallBye
10/07/2023The VenueBCI B
10/07/2023Academy RedsLenton Liberal Club
10/07/2023BCI AJCarlton Liberal Club
17/07/2023ByeAcademy Reds
17/07/2023The TowersCarlton Liberal Club
17/07/2023Lenton Liberal ClubThe Venue
17/07/2023Academy ASpot On Hucknall
17/07/2023BCI BBCI AJ
24/07/2023Academy ACarlton Liberal Club
24/07/2023The VenueBye
24/07/2023The TowersBCI B
24/07/2023BCI AJLenton Liberal Club
24/07/2023Spot On HucknallAcademy Reds
31/07/2023ByeBCI AJ
31/07/2023Carlton Liberal ClubSpot On Hucknall
31/07/2023BCI BAcademy A
31/07/2023Lenton Liberal ClubThe Towers
31/07/2023Academy RedsThe Venue
07/08/2023Carlton Liberal ClubBCI B
07/08/2023BCI AJAcademy Reds
07/08/2023Academy ALenton Liberal Club
07/08/2023Spot On HucknallThe Venue
07/08/2023The TowersBye
14/08/2023Lenton Liberal ClubCarlton Liberal Club
14/08/2023ByeAcademy A
14/08/2023BCI BSpot On Hucknall
14/08/2023The VenueBCI AJ
14/08/2023Academy RedsThe Towers
21/08/2023The TowersThe Venue
21/08/2023Spot On HucknallBCI AJ
21/08/2023Academy AAcademy Reds
21/08/2023Carlton Liberal ClubBye
21/08/2023BCI BLenton Liberal Club
04/09/2023Academy RedsCarlton Liberal Club
04/09/2023Lenton Liberal ClubSpot On Hucknall
04/09/2023The VenueAcademy A
04/09/2023ByeBCI B
04/09/2023BCI AJThe Towers
11/09/2023BCI BAcademy Reds
11/09/2023Carlton Liberal ClubThe Venue
11/09/2023Lenton Liberal ClubBye
11/09/2023The TowersSpot On Hucknall
11/09/2023Academy ABCI AJ

Participating Venues

BCI Snooker Centre
Vere Street, Bulwell, NG6 8YL
Teams: “BCI B & BCI AJ”

Carlton & District Liberal Club
21 Burton Road, Carlton, NG4 3DT
Team: “Carlton Liberal Club”

Lenton Liberal Club
18 Osmaston Street, Lenton, NG7 1SD
Team: “Lenton Liberal Club”

Spot On
Vine Terrace, Hucknall, NG15 7HN
Team: “Spot On Hucknall”

Spot On Cue Sports
Davisella House, Newark Street, Sneinton, NG2 4PP
Team: “Academy A & Academy Reds”

The Towers Snooker Club
Botany Avenue, Mansfield, NG18 5NG
Team: “The Towers”

The Venue
Kirklington Road, Rainworth, Mansfield, NG21 0JY
Team: “The Venue”


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