Chris Winter bags his fourth Open Singles title

Chris Winter bags his fourth Open Singles title

Chris Winter has a terrific record in the Open Singles competition, having previously won the title in 2004, 2009 and 2019, he secured his fourth win in the competition on Friday evening with a resounding 4-0 victory over Richard Wheelhouse.

Match report below courtesy of Chris.

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker

Match Report

Frame 1
Chris had 30 odd break which was followed by safety battles before Richard conceded with a couple of reds remaining.

Frame 2
The second frame was very similar to the first, Chris taking it to open up a 2-0 lead.

Frame 3
An early safety battle, then Chris got in with a long red and made 41 break. Richard came back with a run of 28, but Chris managed to pinch it on the colours.

Frame 4
The final frame was scrappy with both players missing easy balls. Chris just managed to hold himself together on the colours down to the blue, with Richard conceding frame and match.

Prize Money & Trophies

Winner: £100 + Trophy
Runner-up: £40

Results from earlier rounds


  1. Chris Winter 3-0 Moe Anyanwu (Jan 25)
  2. Richard Wheelhouse 3-2 Andrew Diacopoulos (Jan 23)


  1. Andrew Diacopoulos 3-1 Patrick Ashurst (Jan 4)
  2. Chris Winter 3-2 Jim Harrison (Jan 5)
  3. Richard Wheelhouse 3-2 Nav Hussain (Jan 6)
  4. Moe Anyanwu 3-1 Terry Dowson (Jan 9)

Last 16

  1. Moe Anyanwu 3-2 Keith Waterhouse (Dec 7)
  2. Patrick Ashurst 3-0 Martin Conway (Dec 21)
  3. Jim Harrison 3-1 Keith Holgate (Dec 13)
  4. Ben Cooper 0-3 Terry Dowson (Dec 7)
  5. Cary Davies 0-3 Chris Winter (Dec 14)
  6. Wayne Martin 2-3 Nav Hussain (Dec 17)
  7. Richard Wheelhouse 3-0 Alan Caulton (Dec 20)
  8. Andrew Diacopoulos 3-1 Audie Miller (Dec 10)

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