Martin bounces back from early loss to take Eastwood Open

Martin bounces back from early loss to take Eastwood Open

Eastwood Open 2

Some of Nottingham’s best amateur snooker players turned out for the second Eastwood Open, which was held at Phoenix Cue Sports.  Former professional Wayne Martin successfully defended his title running out a three nil winner in the final against Long Eaton’s Stewart Crosswell.  Runs of 20 and 26 helped Martin take a scrappy opening frame before the final came to life in the second.  Martin opened up with a good 45 break but Crosswell responded immediately knocking in a 32 which would have been more but for an agonizingly under hit red which sat in the jaws of the corner pocket.  This miss appeared to affect Crosswell mentally who then made several unforced errors which the experienced Martin took full advantage of to run out a comfortable winner and pocket the £80 prize fund.  Earlier in the day the eventual winner had to endure a shock two nil loss to Steve Butler who knocked in a superb 52 break.  The defeat was obviously the wake up call Martin needed as he went on to beat Adam Shaw, Ross Wilkin, Nav Hussain and Lee Buckle knocking in breaks of 52, 40 and 37 in the process.  The highest break of the tournament was a superb 70 by Nav Hussain who was also second on the list with a 55.

Elimination Results: L.Richards bt D.Watson, R.Wilkin bt Yaz, M.Harman bt A.Coulton, S.Crosswell bt S.Lally, S.Butler bt W.Martin, L.Buckle bt A.Shaw, D.Allsop bt D.Binks, N.Hussain bt D.Barker, L.Richards bt M.Ellis, S.Crosswell bt M.Harman, L.Buckle bt S.Butler, N.Hussain bt M.Langdon, A.Coulton bt S.Lally, Yaz bt M.Langdon, M.Ellis bt D.Barker, W.Martin bt A.Shaw, D.Allsop bt Yaz, R.Wilkin bt M.Ellis, S.Butler bt D.Allsop, S.Crosswell bt L.Richards, L.Buckle bt N.Hussain, W.Martin bt R.Wilkin, N.Hussain bt S.Butler.

Finals: S.Crosswell bt L.Buckle, W.Martin bt N.Hussain, W.Martin bt L.Buckle, W.Martin bt S.Crosswell.

High Break List 

70   Nav Hussain
55   Nav Hussain
52   Steve Butler, Wayne Martin
46   Stewart Crosswell
45   Laurence Richards, Wayne Martin
40   Wayne Martin
37   Wayne Martin, Nav Hussain x 2
36   Laurence Richards
33   Lee Buckle
32   Steve Butler / Stewart Crosswell
30   Lee Buckle

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