Nav Hussain wins Hucknall Open, John Forbes wins Plate

Nav Hussain wins Hucknall Open, John Forbes wins Plate

Hucknall Open 3

The third Hucknall Open saw a move away from the group format to a knockout format with a plate tournament for players who lost their first match.

This event attracted a field of 19 players, including 8 new players, bringing the total number of players who have competed in the first three Hucknall Opens to 31.  It was good to see four players travelling from Worksop and even more pleasing was the number of Spot On Hucknall club members who took part, many of whom are relatively new to tournament snooker.

The main tournament was won by Nav Hussain (West Bridgford) who defeated event two winner Troy Brett (Nottingham) 3-2 in the final.  Brett had started the tournament excellently, making the tournament’s highest break  of 92 in his 3-1 win against Wayne Martin.  Unfortunately he lost a bit of form as the tournament reached its climax and he found himself 2-0 down against Hussain in the final.  He fought back valiantly to level at 2-2 but a nice 47 break from Hussain proved enough to seal an impressive victory.

The Plate tournament also went to a deciding frame.  In the decider, John Forbes (Bilborough) forged a healthy lead but his opponent Wayne Martin (Hucknall), ever the battler, hit right back.  Ultimately, an awesome long pot on the pink followed by match ball black from Forbes saw him over the line.  Not a bad result then for Forbes in his Hucknall Open debut.


Round 1

Dave Jobling (Newark) 3-0 John Forbes (Bilborough)
Harry Whysall (Watnall) 3-1 Dean North (Hucknall)
Hayden Staniland (Worksop) 3-1 Oliver Turner (Worksop)

Last 16

Dave Jobling 2-0 Harry Whysall
Steve Butler (Nottingham) 2-1 Hayden Staniland
Macauley Croft (Worksop) 3-2 Dave Pearce (Stapleford)
Vinnie Dennis (Sutton-in-Ashfield) 3-1 Ashley Dobb (Hucknall)
Troy Brett (Nottingham) 3-1 Wayne Martin (Hucknall)
John Fountain (Carlton) 3-0 Ben Cox (Hucknall)
Nav Hussain (West Bridgford) 3-0 Danny Cresswell (Hucknall)
Michael Ioannou (Hucknall) 3-1 Josh Mallender (Worksop)


Dave Jobling 2-1 Steve Butler
Vinnie Dennis 2-1 Macauley Croft
Troy Brett 2-0 John Fountain
Nav Hussain 2-0 Michael Ioannou


Troy Brett 2-0 Dave Jobling
Nav Hussain 3-1 Vinnie Dennis

Final (£75 / £35)

Nav Hussain 3-2 Troy Brett

Final Scoreboard


Round 1

Wayne Martin 2-1 Ashley Dobb


John Forbes 2-1 Dean North
Oliver Turner 2-0 Dave Pearce
Wayne Martin 2-0 Ben Cox
Josh Mallender 2-0 Danny Cresswell


John Forbes 2-1 Oliver Turner
Wayne Martin 2-0 Josh Mallender

Final (£20 / £10)

John Forbes 3-2 Wayne Martin

Player Handicaps

Hayden Staniland (0)
Nav Hussain (0)
Troy Brett (0)
Wayne Martin (0)
Dave Jobling (7)
John Fountain (7)
Oliver Turner (7)
John Forbes (14)
Macauley Croft (14)
Steve Butler (14)
Harry Whysall (21)
Josh Mallender (21)
Vinnie Dennis (21)
Ashley Dobb (28)
Dean North (35)
Ben Cox (42)
Danny Cresswell (42)
Dave Pearce (42)
Michael Ioannou (49)


High Breaks

Troy Brett 92,42,41 (£10)
John Fountain 74
Nav Hussain 60,47,45
Wayne Martin 57,49,47,36,35
Hayden Staniland 50,40
Steve Butler 50,36
Oliver Turner 47
Dave Jobling 45,34
Macauley Croft 39,36



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