John Fountain and Nav Hussain reach the final of the 2019 Masters

John Fountain and Nav Hussain reach the final of the 2019 Masters

John Fountain and Nav Hussain will contest the final of the 2019 Nottingham Snooker Masters after they both won their semi-final matches on Sunday 7 July 2019 at Spot On, Hucknall.

A double elimination format was adopted at the Hucknall venue, which provided every competitor with a minimum of 2 matches.  There were some good performances from the higher handicapped players throughout the day, which was good to see.  Danny Cresswell had a terrific win against Wayne Martin.  Ashley Dobb and Dean North both came very close to beating Nav Hussain and Dave Jobling respectively at the quarter-final stage.  A special mention to John Forbes too who made it all the way to the semi-finals despite having to wait around for long periods between matches.

Wayne Martin’s break of 70 is the highest so far and he will win £10 if the break is not beaten in the final.

The final will be played at Gotham Matchroom on a future date, to be agreed between the players.  The match will be video recorded and uploaded to the Nottingham Snooker YouTube channel.

The losing semi-finalists, Dave Jobling and John Forbes received £25 each.  The eventual winner will receive £100 plus a trophy and the runner-up £50.

As this was a non-ranking event, there will be no changes to player handicaps or rankings.


Preliminary Round (Handicaps in brackets)

Dean North (42) 3-0 Danny Cresswell (49)
Wayne Martin (0) 2-3 Cary Davies (14)
Nav Hussain (0) 1-3 John Fountain (7)
Steve Butler (21) 1-3 Dave Jobling (7)
BYES: John Forbes (14), Dave Pearce (49), Ashley Dobb (35), Ben Cooper (21)

Round 1

Dean North (42) 0-2 Cary Davies (14)
John Fountain (7) 1-2 Dave Jobling (7)
John Forbes (14) 3-0 Dave Pearce (49)
Ashley Dobb (35) 3-2 Ben Cooper (21)


Preliminary Round

Danny Cresswell (49) 2-1 Wayne Martin (0)
Nav Hussain (0) 2-0 Steve Butler (21)

Round 1

Danny Cresswell (49) 0-2 Ben Cooper (21)
Nav Hussain (0) 2-0 Dave Pearce (49)
BYES: Dean North (42), John Fountain (7)



Cary Davies (14) 0-2 John Fountain (7)
Dave Jobling (7) 2-1 Dean North (42)
John Forbes (14) 2-1 Ben Cooper (21)
Ashley Dobb (35) 1-2 Nav Hussain (0)


John Fountain (7) 2-0 John Forbes (14)
Dave Jobling (7) 1-2 Nav Hussain (0)

High Breaks

Wayne Martin 70
John Forbes 61
Dave Jobling 54,51,47
John Fountain 54,47,42
Nav Hussain 53
Ben Cooper 38

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