Snookerthon raises more than £1,500 for Adam

Snookerthon raises more than £1,500 for Adam

When Nottingham Snooker player Steve Burrows heard that 5-year-old Adam Harrad had been diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma, he immediately wanted to do something to help Adam and his family during such a difficult time.

Steve contacted me with the idea of challenging ourselves to a 24 hour snookerthon, to raise awareness of childhood cancer and to raise some money for Adam and his family. Of course I said it was a great idea and we invited our good friends Antony Moore and Jacob Moore to join us.

Adam Harrad, who was diagnosed with ganglioneuroblastoma.

Steve set up a Justgiving page to receive donations and I went about promoting the snookerthon on facebook.

Before long, the initial target of £500 was reached and the target was raised to £1,000. When this was exceeded, the target was raised again to £1,500.

By the time the snookerthon started, at 8am on 10th October 2020, we had already raised £1,186.

The snookerthon was streamed live on Facebook Live. There were a few initial technical difficulties, but for the most part it ran smoothly and we received lots of support from people who were tuning in to watch the live stream.

The snooker highlight was Steve Burrows and Antony Moore’s fantastic 67 break during a frame of scotch pairs (the players take alternate shots). Here is a video of the break (sorry for the poor picture quality which is due to zooming in on the original video to fill the screen):

Playing snooker for 24 hours is a very tiring experience, but compared to what Adam and his family have been through, it was a walk in the park.

By the time we completed the challenge, at 8am on 11th October 2020, we had received donations totalling £1,510.

We would like to thank everyone who donated. With other pledges that have been made, we expect the total to reach just under £2,000, which is incredible.

Nottingham Snooker players have a rich history of rasing money for good causes and long may it continue.

If you didn’t get chance to donate before the snookerthon ended, don’t worry, it’s not too late, as Steve will be keeping the page open for a few more days.

Click on the link below to donate:

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