Challenge Ladder reaches its exciting conclusion, £1000 prize fund to be paid out

Challenge Ladder reaches its exciting conclusion, £1000 prize fund to be paid out

The first full season of the new Challenge Ladder came to an end on 1st March 2022 when the final two matches were played.

The feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive and so it will definitely be back for a second season on 1st September 2022.

The Ladder ended with the same number of players we started February with, fifty-three. During the season, for one reason or another, we lost sixteen players. However we gained nineteen new players so the demand for this style of competition is clearly growing.

We are starting to see a real snooker community developing around the Ladder and I am aware that lots of new friends have been made and players have been arranging friendly matches outside of the Ladder throughout the season, which is what it’s all about.

I would personally like to thank you, the players, for making my job as Tournament Director, so easy. Good communication is crucial for the Ladder to run smoothly and on the whole, players have kept me updated without me having to do too much chasing.

There were 54 matches played during February and a further 2 matches played on 1st March. The total number of matches played during the season was 329 which works out an average of over 12 matches per week, which is very impressive.

Players had clearly started to settle into their rightful positions on the Ladder during February, because two thirds of matches were won by the Defenders. This is in contrast to recent months where the split was around 50/50. The two matches played in March were also won by the Defenders. Whilst I recognise that home advantage certainly plays a part, there is no doubting that it has become a lot harder for Challengers to win in recent weeks and there have been some cracking matches that have been won by the odd frame.

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker Tournament Director

February/March Statistics

Matches played: 56

Challenges won: 18

Defences won: 38

Highest climber: Andy Wright (+10)

Most matches played: Danny Ould, Dean North, James Bettridge, Jordan Parnham, Nick Lester (4)

Most days at the top: Nav Hussain (23)

Highest break: Nav Hussain (66)

Average number of days between challenge being made and match being played: 7

How the Ladder looked when it concluded on 1 March 2022

Results February/March 2022

Club Bonuses & Lucky Boy’s Bonus – Final Standings

Age Group Bonuses – Final Standings

Prize Money

A total of £1,000 in prize money will be paid out. This consists of prize money that was proposed at the start of the season in addition to some discretionary prize money that shall be paid to players who I believe deserve to be financially recognised for their participation and achievements.

It has always been my ethos to reward those players who support Nottingham Snooker. I intend to do this both financially and with trophies.

Below is a list of players who will have prize money paid directly into their bank accounts, in descending order.

Nav Hussain £110

Congratulations to Nav who ended the season at the top of the Ladder. Only one player can finish at the top and whilst there were a number of players who could easily have been there instead, timing and Nav’s undoubted talent means he thoroughly deserves to finish in 1st position.

1st position on Ladder £50

Club bonus £30

Age group bonus £30

Wayne Martin £100

Wayne spent a total of 97 days at the top of the Ladder during the season, far more than any other player. Despite this, due to a perfectly timed challenge by Nav, Wayne finished the season in 2nd position.

2nd position on Ladder £50

Lucky boy’s bonus £20

Age group bonus £30

Adam Hussain £90

Having joined the Ladder in 38th position, Adam managed to climb an impressive 33 places to finish in 5th position.

5th position on Ladder £40

Club bonus £20

Age group bonus £30

Danny Ould £80

It’s been a good season for Danny, who is one of the most improved players on the Ladder. I decided to enhance the Club Bonus for Stapleford Cue Club to fall in line with Spot On Hucknall and Spot on Sneinton where the top 3 players receive £30, £20 and £10 respectively. Danny therefore receives £30 for finishing above the other players on the Ladder who play from Stapleford Cue Club.

16th position on Ladder £20

Club bonus £30

Age group bonus £30

Patrick Ashurst £60

10th position on Ladder £30

Club bonus £30

Keith Holgate £50

3rd position on Ladder £50

Tony Morgan £50

4th position on Ladder £50

John Fountain £50

6th position on Ladder £40

Club bonus £10

Chris Winter £50

Chris made the season’s highest break of 99 and I felt this deserved some financial recognition so for that I have awarded him £20.

9th position on Ladder £30

Highest break £20

Danny Cresswell £50

Danny impressed me with the sheer number of matches he played during the season. Along with one other player, Danny averaged 4 or more matches per month and for this I have awarded him £50 which will help to cover some of his table costs.

Dean North £50

Dean is the other player who averaged 4 or more matches per month and so, he too will receive £50 to help him cover some of his table costs. I have been very impressed with Dean’s positive attitude all season, regardless of the results.

Ben Green £40

7th position on the Ladder £40

Ben Cooper £40

8th position on the Ladder £40

Malcolm Grocock £40

14th position on the Ladder £20

Club bonus £20

Steve Butler £30

11th position on the Ladder £30

Dale Prime £30

12th position on the Ladder £30

Antony Moore £20

13th position on the Ladder £20

Ant McMahon £20

15th position on the Ladder £20

Alan Caulton £20

Alan benefits from the enhanced Club Bonus at Stapleford Cue Club.

Club bonus £20

Ashley Bettinson £10

Club bonus £10

Steve D’Arcy £10

Steve is the final player to benefit from the enhanced Club Bonus at Stapleford Cue Club.

Club bonus £10


I did not initially plan to award trophies but I felt that some players deserve recognition for their achievements that are more long lasting than prize money alone. I will be ordering the following trophies and they will be distributed over the coming weeks.

1st position on Ladder – Nav Hussain

Most days at the top of the Ladder – Wayne Martin (97 days)

Highest break – Chris Winter (99 break)

Best win percentage (at least 12 matches played) – Keith Holgate (85%)

Highest climber – Ben Green (+40)

Next Season

Season 2 will commence on 1st September 2022 and will again last for 6 months.

If you know of anyone who may be suitable for the Ladder please ask them to visit

I will contact all existing players in August to seek confirmation that they wish to play in Season 2.