Notts A in fine form as ENCSC gets underway

Notts A in fine form as ENCSC gets underway

Nottinghamshire A captain Ben Monk will be very pleased with his team’s start in the 2022/23 English National County Snooker Championships. They are playing in a group of three against Somerset B and Three Counties Academy (Norfolk) and the venue for these matches was Crucible Snooker Club in Newbury.

Gavin Shirley and Jim Harrison only dropped one frame each across both matches and Gavin also made the day’s highest break of 85.

The whole team averaged an 80% win ratio across both matches, which is extrememely impressive.

Ben chose to select the same eight players for both matches and he even played himself which is great to see.

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Match Scorecards

ENCSC Group Standings

The group standings are available to view on the official ENCSC website by clicking on the link below:

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