Nav Hussain fires in a 130 break on the way to his 6th Hucknall Open title

Nav Hussain fires in a 130 break on the way to his 6th Hucknall Open title

Hucknall Open 13

Nav Hussain was on top form in today’s Hucknall Open handicap snooker tournament. He equalled Wayne Martin’s highest break (in Nottingham Snooker tournaments) of 130 during his 3-0 quarter-final win against Dale Prime.

Inevitably, Nav went all the way to the final where he met another in-form player, Danny Ould. Nav went 2-0 up but some good play from Danny in the third frame reduced Nav’s lead to just one frame. Danny then went 50 odd points up in the fourth frame with the help of a nice 33 break, but Nav replied with a fantastic knock of 67 and he managed to take the frame on the pink to seal a 3-1 victory.

Preliminary Round

Steve Butler 3-2 Shane Fella
Terry Dowson 3-0 Nick Lester

Last 16

Steve Butler 3-1 Terry Dowson
Sam Burton 3-2 Audie Miller
Danny Ould 3-0 Dean North
Joseph Reynolds 3-0 Dave Jobling
Dale Prime 3-0 Jamie Barker
Nav Hussain 3-2 Ben Monk
John Fountain 3-0 Wayne Martin
Tony Morgan 3-2 Martin Conway


Steve Butler 3-1 Sam Burton
Danny Ould 3-2 Joseph Reynolds
Nav Hussain 3-0 Dale Prime
Tony Morgan 3-0 John Fountain

Semi-Finals (£10)

Danny Ould 3-1 Steve Butler
Nav Hussain 3-2 Tony Morgan

Final (£50 / £25)

Nav Hussain 3-1 Danny Ould

High Breaks

Nav Hussain: 130,67
Danny Ould: 76
Dale Prime: 55
Ben Monk: 54
Tony Morgan: 50


Audie Miller (-7)
Ben Monk (-14)
Dale Prime (-14)
Danny Ould (-7)
Dave Jobling (-14)
Dean North (21)
Jamie Barker (7)
John Fountain (-14)
Joseph Reynolds (-21)
Martin Conway (-7)
Nav Hussain (-21)
Nick Lester (7)
Sam Burton (0)
Shane Fella (7)
Steve Butler (-14)
Terry Dowson (-7)
Tony Morgan (-7)
Wayne Martin (-21)

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker Tournament Director

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