Andrew Diacopoulos is crowned 2023 Notts Amateur Snooker Champion

Andrew Diacopoulos is crowned 2023 Notts Amateur Snooker Champion

Andrew Diacopoulos came back from 2-4 behind to defeat Steve Donner 5-4 in a rapid fire thriller to win his second Notts Amateur title at Welcome Institute on Friday evening. This high quality encounter was officiated by Wayne Martin who has kindly provided a detailed match report.

Frame 1
A cautious start from both players before a great safety shot created the opening for Andrew to make a 57 break, missing a tricky red down the cushion. Steve rapidly replied with a run of 25 but it wasn’t enough and Andrew took the frame to lead 1-0.

Frame 2
An edgy start to frame 2, Steve making a 14 break and Andrew replying with a 21. A nice 46 break from Steve was enough for him to take the frame and level the match at 1-1.

Frame 3
Steve gained an early advantage of 35 points through several small breaks and he then knocked in a 35 break to take the frame and go 2-1 up.

Frame 4
Some top draw safety in this frame with Steve again taking an early lead. But it was Andrew who went on to win the frame, the match all square at the interval.

Frame 5
Andrew got in first with a run of 32, but Steve made breaks of 22 and 44 to restore his lead at 3-2.

Frame 6
Steve potted a terrific opening long red, making a break of 16. Good safety followed from both players before Steve again slotted in a terrific long red and he opened up a 28 point lead. Andrew was presented with a great opportunity but he missed a red and Steve made a lovely 64 break, securing the frame to lead 4-2. He was now just one frame away from his first Notts Amateur title.

Frame 7
Andrew opened up a small lead but Steve potted a good long red, leading to a run of 14 before running out of position. Andrew then made breaks of 32 and 30 to take the frame, match score now 4-3

Frame 8
Steve was in first with a run of 23, but he missed a tricky red. Andrew hit back with a 29 before Steve was faced with a golden opportunity to win the frame and match, but he missed the pot and this provided Andrew with a chance. He potted the key balls to level the match at 4-4 and set up a decider.

The deciding frame
Great safety from Steve paid off as he was left with a good chance, but he only managed to score 6 points before having to play safe. Terrific safety followed from both players with Andrew calling a foul on himself at one point. A safety error by Steve was then punished with Andrew making a well crafted 44 break. Another error by Steve led to Andrew quickly adding 21 to seal the frame and match.

Frame Scores (Andrew first)
70(57)-25, 44-69(46), 1-69, 79-47, 41-70(44), 10-96(64), 65-54, 68-45, 65(44)-11

Prize Money & Trophies

Winner: £200 + Trophy
Runner-up: £100 + Trophy
Losing semi-finalists: £50
Losing quarter-finalists: £25

Thanks to…

  • Wayne Martin for officiating, providing a great match report and taking some fantastic photographs.
  • Adam Clift for arranging the venue and preparing the table.
  • Paul Wainwright for arranging and operating the superb ProScore system.
  • Peter Ogburn for refereeing the final superbly.
  • Dave and Michelle Bolton for providing the lovely catering during the interval – Wayne says it was fantastic to see Dave looking so much better after his recent health issues.

Results from earlier rounds


  1. Andrew Diacopoulos 3-1 Richard Wheelhouse
  2. Steve Donner (70) 3-0 Keith Holgate


  1. Steve Donner 3-0 Guy Dennis
  2. Andrew Diacopoulos 4-1 Wayne Martin
  3. Terry Dowson 2-3 Keith Holgate (62)
  4. Richard Wheelhouse (59) 3-1 Cary Davies

Last 16

  1. Keith Holgate (78 break) 3-0 Nav Hussain
  2. Guy Dennis 3-1 Jim Harrison
  3. Andrew Diacopoulos 3-0 Ben Monk
  4. Patrick Hort 2-4 Wayne Martin
  5. Steve Donner w/o – scr Bash Maqsood
  6. Chris Winter 0-3 Richard Wheelhouse (56 break)
  7. Terry Dowson 3-1 Audie Miller
  8. Cary Davies 3-0 Gary Spencer

Last 32

  1. Nick Sharp 0-4 Audie Miller
  2. Ben Green scr-w/o Guy Dennis
  3. Dale Prime 0-3 Andrew Diacopoulos (86,95)
  4. Richard Wheelhouse 3-0 Koen Hughes
  5. Nav Hussain 4-0 Martin Conway
  6. Gavin Shirley 2-3 Keith Holgate
  7. Steve Donner (52) 3-1 Patrick Ashurst
  8. Tony Morgan (68) 2-5 Chris Winter
  9. John Fountain 1-3 Gary Spencer
  10. Steven Hughes 0-3 Ben Monk
  11. Bash Maqsood (69,74) 4-0 John Forbes
  12. Moe Anyanwu 4-6 Patrick Hort
  13. Jim Harrison 3-0 Shane Fella
  14. Lee Crombie 0-3 Cary Davies
  15. Terry Dowson w/o-scr Jason Ashurst
  16. Danny Ould 3-4 Wayne Martin

Preliminary Round

  1. Chris Winter 3-2 Dave Jobling
  2. Manfred Corbin 0-3 John Forbes
  3. Adam Hussain 1-4 Nav Hussain (63,58)
  4. Steve Donner w/o-scr Kevin Henson
  5. Patrick Ashurst w/o-scr Robert Garratt

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