2023 Champions lead the way after week 1

2023 Champions lead the way after week 1

Monday Team League

The Winter Snooker season for 23/24 started with a bang this week.

Ten teams have enrolled in the league, forming a challenging division that spans Nottinghamshire.

We are proud to have some of the very best players in the country, the county and some up and coming stars of tomorrow.

On the opening week though it was last years champions Lenton Liberal who made their mark, beating one of the favourites for the title Towers 5-1.

With a new look team from last season Lenton players Danial Kamran and Jon Shapland shocked the Towers at home.

Singles wins for Shapland and Kamran against current Notts Amateur champion Andy Diacopoulos, county B player Andy Taylor doing the damage.

Only county B player Dan Moll managed to win a frame for Towers.

New team and heavy title favourites Triple S were held 3-3 at home by the summer league champions BCI AJ.

Triple S bringing out the big guns with county A player Steve Donner, recent WST winner Dave Bolton and county B player Tony Morgan.

However, it was a new look BCI side that provided a challenge to the Skegby side.

Dave Bolton made a 46 break during his win over newcomer Tom Vamplew and contributed to a scotch pairs break of 35 with fellow Triple S player Steve Donner.

Good wins for the stand-out player of the summer 12-year-old Jacob Reynolds and newcomers Parm Bilkhu and Talvin Mudhar.

New team BCI Hotshots had a difficult night at home to Carlton A.

To quote Josh Morley, they had a “stinker” of an evening, losing several tight frames that have sent the team into a course of therapy until next week’s game.

Kev Barlow and the fast-improving James Bailie won their singles games against James Robinson, Tony Collins, and Josh Morley.

BCI’s only success came in the pairs frame with Morley and Collins getting some points on the board.

Last year’s runners-up Spot on Hucknall finished in a tie with BCI B.

It looked good for Hucknall early on as they went ahead by ways of wins for Ben Cooper and Wayne Martin.

Martin made a great 47 clearance against the very dangerous Marc Morrisey and then defeated Liam Morrisey in a promising start.

Ben Cooper had a solid win against Shaun Kilkie.

The pairs frame turned things around for the BCI side with Kilkie and Paul Wainwright Senior defeating Clarke and Cooper on the black.

Eventually BCI levelled the tie via Paul Broad, who beat Daz Clarke in the final singles game.

Final match of the night was a newly formed Carlton B who drew against the Venue 3-3.

Always great to see former players picking up their cues again in Bob Walker and Danny Di Folco, it was a mixed night though against The Venues Andy Wain and Don Merry.

Andy Wain is always a tricky customer and he won both his singles frames, Don Merry also contributing with a win over Bob Walker.

The pairs frame was a win for Carlton though and this evened things up on the night.

Breaks on the night:

Wayne Martin 47

Dave Bolton 46

Bolton/Donner 35 (Scotch pairs)

Weekly report courtesy of Wayne Martin (League Organiser)

Match Results

League Table

Full Fixture List

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DateHome TeamAway Team
02/10/2023Carlton Liberal Club BThe Venue
02/10/2023BCI BSpot on Hucknall
02/10/2023Triple S BCI AJ
02/10/2023BCI Hot ShotsCarlton Liberal Club A
02/10/2023The Towers Lenton Liberal Club
09/10/2023BCI AJBCI Hot Shots
09/10/2023Carlton Liberal Club AThe Venue
09/10/2023Lenton Liberal ClubCarlton Liberal Club B
09/10/2023BCI BTriple S
09/10/2023Spot On HucknallThe Towers
16/10/2023KO Cup: The TowersKO Cup: BCI Hot Shots
16/10/2023KO Cup: BCI AJKO Cup: Lenton Liberal Club
16/10/2023KO CupKO Cup
16/10/2023KO CupKO Cup
16/10/2023KO CupKO Cup
23/10/2023The VenueBCI AJ
23/10/2023Carlton Liberal Club BCarlton Liberal Club A
23/10/2023Triple S The Towers
23/10/2023BCI Hot ShotsBCI B
23/10/2023Lenton Liberal ClubSpot On Hucknall
30/10/2023BCI BThe Venue
30/10/2023Lenton Liberal ClubTriple S
30/10/2023Spot On HucknallCarlton Liberal Club B
30/10/2023BCI AJCarlton Liberal Club A
30/10/2023The TowersBCI Hot Shots
06/11/2023KO CupKO Cup
06/11/2023KO CupKO Cup
06/11/2023KO CupKO Cup
06/11/2023KO CupKO Cup
06/11/2023KO CupKO Cup
13/11/2023BCI AJCarlton Liberal Club B
13/11/2023Carlton Liberal Club ABCI B
13/11/2023BCI Hot ShotsLenton Liberal Club
13/11/2023Triple SSpot On Hucknall
13/11/2023The VenueThe Towers
20/11/2023Lenton Liberal ClubThe Venue
20/11/2023Spot On HucknallBCI Hot Shots
20/11/2023Triple S Carlton Liberal Club B
20/11/2023The TowersCarlton Liberal Club A
20/11/2023BCI BBCI AJ
27/11/2023The VenueSpot On Hucknall
27/11/2023BCI Hot ShotsTriple S
27/11/2023BCI AJThe Towers
27/11/2023Carlton Liberal Club ALenton Liberal Club
27/11/2023BCI BCarlton Liberal Club B
04/12/2023Spot On HucknallCarlton Liberal Club A
04/12/2023Triple SThe Venue
04/12/2023BCI Hot ShotsCarlton Liberal Club B
04/12/2023Lenton Liberal ClubBCI AJ
04/12/2023The TowersBCI B
11/12/2023The VenueBCI Hot Shots
11/12/2023The TowersCarlton Liberal Club B
11/12/2023Carlton Liberal Club ATriple S
11/12/2023BCI BLenton Liberal Club
11/12/2023BCI AJSpot On Hucknall
18/12/2023Xmas HolsXmas Hols
18/12/2023Xmas HolsXmas Hols
18/12/2023Xmas HolsXmas Hols
18/12/2023Xmas HolsXmas Hols
18/12/2023Xmas HolsXmas Hols
25/12/2023Xmas HolsXmas Hols
25/12/2023Xmas HolsXmas Hols
25/12/2023Xmas HolsXmas Hols
25/12/2023Xmas HolsXmas Hols
25/12/2023Xmas HolsXmas Hols
01/01/2024Xmas HolsXmas Hols
01/01/2024Xmas HolsXmas Hols
01/01/2024Xmas HolsXmas Hols
01/01/2024Xmas HolsXmas Hols
01/01/2024Xmas HolsXmas Hols
08/01/2024The VenueCarlton Liberal Club B
08/01/2024Spot on HucknallBCI B
08/01/2024BCI AJTriple S
08/01/2024Carlton Liberal Club ABCI Hot Shots
08/01/2024Lenton Liberal ClubThe Towers
15/01/2024BCI Hot ShotsBCI AJ
15/01/2024The VenueCarlton Liberal Club A
15/01/2024Carlton Liberal Club BLenton Liberal Club
15/01/2024Triple SBCI B
15/01/2024The TowersSpot On Hucknall
22/01/2024KO CupKO Cup
22/01/2024KO CupKO Cup
22/01/2024KO CupKO Cup
22/01/2024KO CupKO Cup
22/01/2024KO CupKO Cup
29/01/2024BCI AJThe Venue
29/01/2024Carlton Liberal Club ACarlton Liberal Club B
29/01/2024The TowersTriple S
29/01/2024BCI BBCI Hot Shots
29/01/2024Spot On HucknallLenton Liberal Club
05/02/2024The VenueBCI B
05/02/2024Triple SLenton Liberal Club
05/02/2024Carlton Liberal Club BSpot On Hucknall
05/02/2024Carlton Liberal Club ABCI AJ
05/02/2024BCI Hot ShotsThe Towers
12/02/2024Carlton Liberal Club BBCI AJ
12/02/2024BCI BCarlton Liberal Club A
12/02/2024Lenton Liberal ClubBCI Hot Shots
12/02/2024Spot On HucknallTriple S
12/02/2024The TowersThe Venue
19/02/2024The VenueLenton Liberal Club
19/02/2024BCI Hot ShotsSpot On Hucknall
19/02/2024Carlton Liberal Club BTriple S
19/02/2024Carlton Liberal Club AThe Towers
19/02/2024BCI AJBCI B
26/02/2024Spot On HucknallThe Venue
26/02/2024Triple SBCI Hot Shots
26/02/2024The TowersBCI AJ
26/02/2024Lenton Liberal ClubCarlton Liberal Club A
26/02/2024Carlton Liberal Club BBCI B
04/03/2024Carlton Liberal Club ASpot On Hucknall
04/03/2024The VenueTriple S
04/03/2024Carlton Liberal Club BBCI Hot Shots
04/03/2024BCI AJLenton Liberal Club
04/03/2024BCI BThe Towers
11/03/2024BCI Hot ShotsThe Venue
11/03/2024Carlton Liberal Club BThe Towers
11/03/2024Triple SCarlton Liberal Club A
11/03/2024Lenton Liberal ClubBCI B
11/03/2024Spot On HucknallBCI AJ
18/03/2024KO CupKO Cup
18/03/2024KO CupKO Cup
18/03/2024KO CupKO Cup
18/03/2024KO CupKO Cup
18/03/2024KO CupKO Cup

Participating Venues

BCI Snooker Centre
Vere Street, Bulwell, NG6 8YL
Teams: “BCI AJ”, “BCI B”, “BCI Hot Shots”

Carlton & District Liberal Club
21 Burton Road, Carlton, NG4 3DT
Team: “Carlton Liberal Club A”, “Carlton Liberal Club B”

Lenton Liberal Club
18 Osmaston Street, Lenton, NG7 1SD
Team: “Lenton Liberal Club”

Spot On
Vine Terrace, Hucknall, NG15 7HN
Team: “Spot On Hucknall”

The Venue
Kirklington Road, Rainworth, Mansfield, NG21 0JY
Team: “The Venue”

The Towers Snooker Club
Botany Avenue, Mansfield, NG18 5NG
Team: “The Towers”

Triple S Snooker & Social Club
Mansfield Road, Skegby, NG17 3EF
Team: “Triple S”

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