Five in a row for Martin at Phoenix

Five in a row for Martin at Phoenix

Christmas Shopping took its toll as a depleted field of nine players fought it out at Phoenix Cue Sports for the £45 first prize.  The popular round robin format was used again which provided every competitor with at least three matches.  The top two players in each group progressed to the semi-finals.

Group A
Jimmy’s brother, Andrew Gratton, only dropped one frame as he won all three of his matches.  Chris Piech failed to find the form that we all know he is capable of as he went down 2-0 to both Gratton and group runner-up Zed Zubair.  Zubair, who has not played much snooker at all recently due to a trip abroad, was particularly impressive.

Group A

   P    W    L    F    A    Pts
   Andrew Gratton    3    3    0    6    1    6
   Zed Zubair    3    2    1    4    3    4
   Chris Piech    3    1    2    2    4    2
   Ryan Baker    3    0    3    2    6    0

Group A Results

   Chris Piech    2    0    Ryan Baker
   Zed Zubair    0    2    Andrew Gratton
   Ryan Baker    1    2    Zed Zubair
   Andrew Gratton    2    1    Ryan Baker
   Chris Piech    0    2    Zed Zubair
   Andrew Gratton    2    0    Chris Piech

Group B
Jimmy Gratton was in inspired form, making breaks of 40,50,51 and a magnificent 82 and he finished top of the group on frame difference.  Wayne Martin and Nav Hussain finished level on points and frame difference but it was Hussain who missed out on a place in the semi-finals due to his defeat against the defending champion.  Stephen Lally played some excellent snooker, particularly against Steve Butler who failed to win a match.

Group B

   P    W    L    F    A    Pts
   Jimmy Gratton    4    3    1    7    3    6
   Wayne Martin    4    3    1    7    4    6
   Nav Hussain    4    3    1    7    4    6
   Stephen Lally    4    1    3    3    7    2
   Steve Butler    4    0    4    2    8    0

Group B Results

   Stephen Lally    1    2    Nav Hussain
   Jimmy Gratton    2    0    Steve Butler
   Nav Hussain    2    1    Jimmy Gratton
   Wayne Martin    2    0    Stephen Lally
   Jimmy Gratton    2    1    Wayne Martin
   Steve Butler    0    2    Nav Hussain
   Wayne Martin    2    1    Steve Butler
   Stephen Lally    0    2    Jimmy Gratton
   Steve Butler    1    2    Stephen Lally
   Nav Hussain    1    2    Wayne Martin

Knockout Stage

Semi-finals £10

Wayne Martin 2-0 Andrew Gratton
Gratton was blown away by Martin who by this stage of the tournament was starting to cue very well.

Zed Zubair 2-0 Jimmy Gratton
Anyone who beats Jimmy Gratton 2-0 has to have played well and Zubair was on fire in this match.

Final £45 / £25

Wayne Martin 3-0 Zed Zubair
Zubair was now tiring whereas Martin was buzzing.  It was a relatively easy win for Martin who has now won five Eastwood Opens in a row.  Can anyone stop him?

Highest Breaks

Jimmy Gratton 82,51,50,40,30,30
Wayne Martin 63
Andrew Gratton 45
Steve Butler 38
Stephen Lally 29


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