The Championship: Round 1

The Championship: Round 1

The draw for the first round of The Championship was made on 2 February 2020. The draw was conducted by Steve Butler and witnessed by Wayne Martin.

Tournament Information

  • The winner of The Championship will receive a trophy and £500 cash.
  • The runner-up will receive £200 cash.
  • All matches will be played off scratch (no handicaps).
  • All matches best of 5 frames.
  • All matches must be played at an approved venue.
  • Any table costs to be shared 50/50.
  • The ‘Three Miss Rule’ will be used in all matches.
  • The final will be played at a neutral venue and will be refereed by Steve Butler. The final will be best of 7 frames and the full miss rule will be played.

VAR Procedure

View the draw

  • The TD will conduct a random draw for each round and publish the draw on the Nottingham Snooker website.
  • Players drawn at home will receive a message from the TD with details of their opponent including their phone number.

Arrange and play your match

  • Within 7 days of the draw, the home player must:
  • Make contact with the away player to arrange the match.
  • Inform the TD of the date and time of the match.
  • The TD will publish the date, time and venue of the match on the Nottingham Snooker website.
  • Players will then play the match at the agreed date and time.

Result to TD

  • Within 48 hours of the match being played, the home player must send the result to the TD, including details of any breaks over 50.
  • The TD will then publish the result on the Nottingham Snooker website.

Penalty for Ungentlemanly Conduct

The TD is at liberty to expel a player from the tournament for any conduct that he considers to be ungentlemanly, unsportsmanlike or at the detriment to the fair progression of the tournament.

Any failure to adhere to the tournament rules and/or VAR procedures will be classed as ungentlemanly conduct and may result in a player being expelled from the tournament by the TD.

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