October on the Ladder

October on the Ladder

We have seen 4 new players join the Ladder since the end of September, bringing the total number of competitors to 49.

The Ladder is a fantastic way of meeting new players and playing at different venues. It’s absolutely free to enter and it only take a minute to sign up. Contact me on 07852 246070 if you are interested.

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker Tournament Director

October Statistics

Matches played: 54

Challenges won: 31

Defences won: 23

Highest climber: Adam Hussain (+18)

Most matches played: Adam Hussain & Danny Ould (5)

Most days at the top: Wayne Martin (31)

Highest break: Wayne Martin (98)

Average number of days between challenge being made and match being played: 7

Provisional Prize Money Allocation

1250Wayne MartinOwn Table, Linby, NG1550 2030 150
3110John FountainSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton5030 30  
280Andrew DiacopoulosThe Towers, Mansfield50  30  
1080Danny OuldStapleford Cue Club, Stapleford3020 30  
660Chris WinterSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton4020    
960Patrick AshurstSpot On, Hucknall3030    
450Tony MorganAlfreton Snooker Club, Alfreton50     
1650Keith HolgateOwn Table, Arnold, NG520  30  
2550Callum HodgmanSpot On, Hucknall    50 
540Ben CooperOwn Table, Hucknall, NG1540     
740Dale PrimeLenton Liberal Club, Lenton40     
840Antony MooreIvanhoe, Ashby40     
1140Robert GarrattSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton3010    
1340Sam BurtonSpot On, Hucknall2020    
1230Nav HussainSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton30     
1530Ashley DobbSpot On, Hucknall2010    
1420Steve ButlerOwn Table, Gotham, NG1120     


MPM = Main prize money

CB = Club bonus

LBB = Lucky boy’s bonus

AB = Age bonus

JB = Junior bonus

QSB = Q School bonus


Terms and conditions apply and some prize money may not be paid out at the end of the season if certain criteria are not met.

How the Ladder looked at the end of October 2021

PosNameHome Venue
1Wayne MartinOwn Table, Linby, NG15
2Andrew DiacopoulosThe Towers, Mansfield
3John FountainSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton
4Tony MorganAlfreton Snooker Club, Alfreton
5Ben CooperOwn Table, Hucknall, NG15
6Chris WinterSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton
7Dale PrimeLenton Liberal Club, Lenton
8Antony MooreIvanhoe, Ashby
9Patrick AshurstSpot On, Hucknall
10Danny OuldStapleford Cue Club, Stapleford
11Robert GarrattSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton
12Nav HussainSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton
13Sam BurtonSpot On, Hucknall
14Steve ButlerOwn Table, Gotham, NG11
15Ashley DobbSpot On, Hucknall
16Keith HolgateOwn Table, Arnold, NG5
17Daz ClarkeSpot On, Hucknall
18Ashley BettinsonSpot On, Hucknall
19Ben ReedNewark Cue Club, Newark
20Andrew BrookeWelcome, Sutton-in-Ashfield
21Adam HussainSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton
22Steve D’ArcyStapleford Cue Club, Stapleford
23Harvey PablaOwn Table, Bulcote Village, NG14
24Carl SmithOwn Table, Huthwaite, NG17
25Callum HodgmanSpot On, Hucknall
26Danny CresswellSpot On, Hucknall
27Joseph VanamanSpot On, Hucknall
28Ben GreenAlfreton Snooker Club, Alfreton
29Malc GrocockSpot On, Hucknall
30Guy DennisBreakers Snooker Centre, Worksop
31Gary SpencerSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton
32Matt Hearson-EllisStapleford Cue Club, Stapleford
33Andy WrightSpot On, Hucknall
34Dean NorthSpot On, Hucknall
35Ben MonkPalmer Morewood, Alfreton
36Steven HughesPhoenix Cue Sports, Eastwood
37Mo FaizStapleford Cue Club, Stapleford
38Jacob MooreIvanhoe, Ashby
39Mick GarrattSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton
40Mark WhittleStadium Leisure, Basford
41Ben CoxSpot On, Hucknall
42Israr AhmedSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton
43Koen HughesSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton
44Kevin HensonSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton
45Simone PrazeresStapleford Cue Club, Stapleford
46Istvan SeregSpot On, Hucknall
47Ant McMahonSpot On Cue Sports, Sneinton
48Paul GarrettStapleford Cue Club, Stapleford
49Adam MossAlfreton Snooker Club, Alfreton

Results October 2021

01/10/2021Carl Smith 1-4 Danny Ould
01/10/2021Sam Burton 0-3 Robert Garratt
01/10/2021Koen Hughes 3-0 Kevin Henson
01/10/2021Ben Cooper 1-3 Tony Morgan
01/10/2021Joseph Vanaman 3-4 Danny Cresswell
03/10/2021Steve Butler 3-2 Nav Hussain
05/10/2021Mark Whittle 0-3 Matt Hearson-Ellis
05/10/2021Malc Grocock 3-0 Dean North
07/10/2021Andy Wright 0-4 Gary Spencer
08/10/2021Ben Cox 3-1 Simone Prazeres
08/10/2021Andrew Brooke 0-3 Dale Prime
08/10/2021Carl Smith 1-4 Callum Hodgman
09/10/2021Mo Faiz 1-3 Steven Hughes
09/10/2021Ben Reed 0-3 Daz Clarke
09/10/2021Jacob Moore 0-3 Adam Hussain
09/10/2021Sam Burton 3-0 Ashley Dobb
10/10/2021Israr Ahmed 3-0 Istvan Sereg
12/10/2021Mark Whittle 3-0 Koen Hughes
12/10/2021Dean North 1-3 Adam Hussain
13/10/2021Wayne Martin 4-0 Antony Moore
14/10/2021Carl Smith 4-2 Steven Hughes
15/10/2021Kevin Henson 0-4 Mick Garratt
15/10/2021Ben Cooper 3-1 Robert Garratt
15/10/2021Andy Wright 0-3 Matt Hearson-Ellis
15/10/2021Callum Hodgman 0-3 Adam Hussain
16/10/2021Steve Butler 4-0 Danny Cresswell
16/10/2021Andrew Brooke 0-3 Nav Hussain
16/10/2021Ashley Dobb 1-3 Dale Prime
17/10/2021Chris Winter 3-0 Patrick Ashurst
17/10/2021Andrew Diacopoulos 3-0 Sam Burton
17/10/2021Ben Reed 0-4 Danny Ould
18/10/2021Tony Morgan 2-4 John Fountain
21/10/2021Steve D’Arcy 0-3 Adam Hussain
22/10/2021Ben Cox 3-0 Istvan Sereg
22/10/2021Robert Garratt 0-4 Danny Ould
23/10/2021Malc Grocock 4-1 Gary Spencer
23/10/2021Mo Faiz 4-3 Koen Hughes
23/10/2021Ashley Dobb 0-4 Steve Butler
23/10/2021Israr Ahmed 3-0 Kevin Henson
23/10/2021Simone Prazeres 0-3 Ben Green
24/10/2021Callum Hodgman 3-1 Dean North
25/10/2021Tony Morgan 5-2 Danny Ould
26/10/2021Jacob Moore 0-3 Ben Green
27/10/2021Dean North 3-1 Ben Cox
28/10/2021Daz Clarke 1-3 Keith Holgate
28/10/2021Danny Cresswell 2-4 Carl Smith
29/10/2021Danny Ould 3-1 Steve Butler
29/10/2021Mark Whittle 0-3 Mick Garratt
29/10/2021Andy Wright 4-1 Steven Hughes
29/10/2021Sam Burton 0-3 Nav Hussain
30/10/2021Ashley Dobb 3-1 Adam Hussain
30/10/2021Danny Cresswell 2-4 Callum Hodgman
31/10/2021Antony Moore 0-3 Dale Prime
31/10/2021Malc Grocock 1-4 Ben Green

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