Joe Reynolds beats Dale Prime to win the Trevor Steeples Trophy

Joe Reynolds beats Dale Prime to win the Trevor Steeples Trophy

Joe Reynolds came back from 0-1 down to beat Dale Prime 3-1 in the final of the Trevor Steeples Trophy on Sunday at Spot On, Sneinton. This was Joe’s fifth consecutive appearance in finals of Sneinton tournaments and he has won four of them.

Robert Garratt was the Tournament Director. The format was straight knockout and there was a prize fund of £180.

Here is a match report courtesy of Moe Anyanwu who also refereed the final. Thanks Moe!

Frame 1
A scrappy first frame with Dale making the most of the few chances both players had to go 1-0 up.

Frame 2
A scrappy stalemate start resulting in a re-rack. Joe was then given a great chance around the black with all the reds in the open but Joe plays a bad positional shot on the black. Several safety shots played between the two resulting in Joe having another good chance but breaks down on 18. Dale counter breaks with a 21 but also breaks down. Joe then gets Dale in a good snooker. Two failed attempts to escape made by Dale but a good hit on the third attempt with the white going safe. A couple of safety shots are exchanged before Dale has great chance with one red left on the table to clear but fails with Joe taking a close frame to make it 1-1.

Frame 3
An edgy start by both with some good safety played by both however Joe is given a good chance and goes on to make a nice 56 break. Dale continues on with him needing snookers. Dale was 48 points behind with 35 on. Dale gets one snooker but Joe then snookers him back resulting in Dale hitting black. Dale concedes for Joe to take a 2-1 lead.

Frame 4
Dale is given a great chance at the start of frame 4 with all the reds in the open, but fails to get position on the black. Joe comes to the table, again with a great chance but breaks down early. The Pressure clearly starts to build for both players with both missing some easy balls but Joe then gets another good opportunity and builds a nice 44 break but loses position on the reds. Joe decided to take a difficult red to the middle pocket to try and continue the break but misses. Dale then comes back to the table and pots a fantastic double into the middle pocket giving himself a great opportunity to counter clear the table with all the remaining balls in a great position, but he does not capitalise and breaks down very early on into the break resulting in Joe coming back to the table to make a 33 break to win frame, match and the competition with a 3-1 win.

Preliminary Round

Moe Anyanwu w/o – scr Lee Hage
Audie Miller 3-2 Dave Jobling
Brian Slater 3-2 Andrew Brooke
Joseph Reynolds 3-2 Gary Spencer
Ben Manship 3-0 Nick Sharp
Oliver Turner 3-1 Adeeb Rehman
Adam Hussain 3-1 Steve Donner
Dale Prime 3-2 Wayne Smith
Cary Davies 3-2 Danny Walker
Rhys Coleman 3-2 Danny Ould

Last 16

Moe Anyanwu 3-2 Wayne Martin
Audie Miller 3-1 Brian Slater
Joseph Reynolds 3-1 Macauley Croft
Ben Manship w/o – scr Nav Hussain
Oliver Turner 3-1 Mick Garratt
Adam Hussain 3-0 Manfred Corbin
Dale Prime 3-1 Cary Davies
Robert Garratt 3-2 Rhys Coleman


Audie Miller 3-1 Moe Anyanwu
Joseph Reynolds 3-1 Ben Manship
Adam Hussain 3-1 Oliver Turner
Dale Prime 3-0 Robert Garratt

Semi-Finals (£20)

Joseph Reynolds 3-1 Audie Miller
Dale Prime 3-1 Adam Hussain

Final (£100 / £40)

Joseph Reynolds 3-1 Dale Prime

Player Handicaps

Adam Hussain (-7)
Adeeb Rehman (28)
Andrew Brooke (-7)
Audie Miller (-7)
Ben Manship (-7)
Brian Slater (-7)
Cary Davies (-7)
Dale Prime (-14)
Danny Ould (-7)
Danny Walker (21)
Dave Jobling (-14)
Gary Spencer (0)
Joseph Reynolds (-21)
Macauley Croft (-7)
Manfred Corbin (7)
Mick Garratt (7)
Moe Anyanwu (0)
Nick Sharp (7)
Oliver Turner (-7)
Rhys Coleman (0)
Robert Garratt (7)
Steve Donner (-21)
Wayne Martin (-21)
Wayne Smith (0)

High Breaks

Oliver Turner: 70
Steve Donner: 52

Plate Tournament

Robert also ran a Plate Tournament which was won by Steve Donner (£20) who beat Brian Slater 2-0 in the final. Steve made lovely breaks of 94 and 79 in the Plate Tournament.

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker

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