Season Review: 2022-23

Season Review: 2022-23

The 2022-23 season ends today so here is a brief recap covering the season’s highlights.

The accounts for the 2022-23 season are presented at the bottom of this article.


Oliver Turner won the Phyllis Bell Trophy, defeating Ben Monk 3-2 in a cracking final.


Nav Hussain won the 12th Hucknall Open.


Patrick Ashurst won The Masters.


Nav Hussain made a fantastic 130 break on his way to clinching the 13th Hucknall Open.


Joe Reynolds won the 6 Reds title.

Richard Amalou defeated his son Rocco to win The Classic.


Andrew Diacopoulos was crowned Notts Amateur snooker champion.

Shane Miles won the Junior Handicap Snooker Championship.

Steve Donner won the 14th Hucknall Open.

Keith Holgate won the Holgates Masters title for the fourth time.

Joe Reynolds won the Trevor Steeples Trophy.

Gary Spencer won the Senior Handicap Snooker Championship.

Richard Sutton won the Intermediate Handicap Snooker Championship.


Lenton Liberal Club won the Monday Team League.

Spot On Hucknall won the Monday Team League Knockout Cup

The Towers won the Tuesday Team League.

Wayne Martin won the Seniors Championship

The Challenge Ladder reached its conclusion. Further details HERE


Andrew Diacopoulos won the Open Singles Snooker Championship.


Wayne Martin won the Home League with Dave Jobling finishing runner-up.

Accounts for the period 1 September 2022 to 31 August 2023

Steve Butler
Nottingham Snooker

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