Brian Cox 5-4 Steve Judd

Brian Cox 5-4 Steve Judd

Brian Cox caused what is arguably the biggest upset of the tournament by defeating Steve Judd 5-4 on Wednesday evening.

The first two frames were very close but Cox potted brown, blue and pink in both to pinch them and lead 2-0.  The third frame was also a tight affair but a good long pink from Judd reduced the arrears.

The fourth frame saw both players on 54 points with just 13 points on the table.  Cox held his nerve potting a terrific pink and black to lead 3-1.

Judd trailed by 16 points in the fifth frame but he produced a 25 break to pinch it and he joked that he should have potted the black for his first break over 30!

A fine 72 break in frame six was enough to give Cox a 4-2 lead, but all credit to Judd who stepped up a gear in frame seven.  When trailing by 4 points he produced a nice 49 break to make it 4-3.

Cox had a run of 43 in frame eight to put himself in pole position but Judd immediately replied with a terrific 72 break to level the match at 4-4.

A tense decider appeared to be going the way of Cox as he soon led by 43 points but Judd carved out an opening and looked on course to pinch it before a poor positional shot from yellow to green when on a break of 30 cost him dearly.  Cox potted the green but he overscrewed the white forcing him to play safe on the brown.  Cox now led by 16 points with 22 remaining.  A wonderful long brown from Cox left Judd needing a snooker.  Things then got worse for Judd as he potted the blue and went in-off.  Cox secured the match by potting the blue leaving Judd the opportunity to play a couple of exhibition shots on the pink and black to cap a fabulous match.

Frame Scores (Cox first)
62-49, 69(36)-51, 43-63, 67(36)-54, 51(32)-61, 72(72)-16, 35-80(49), 44(43)-72(72), 67(32)-50(30)


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