Wayne Martin wins the Bulwell Open for the third time

Wayne Martin wins the Bulwell Open for the third time

Bulwell Open 10

We made a welcome return to Spot On in Bulwell today for the 10th Bulwell Open snooker tournament.

The tournament was FREE to enter and the £100 prize fund was provided by Nottingham Snooker and Spot On Leisure.

Last 16

Nav Hussain (0) 3-0 Rhys Kirkham (42)

Terry Dowson (14) 3-0 Vinnie Dennis (14)

Dave Bolton (0) 3-0 Danny Ould (0)

Macauley Croft (14) 3-1 Alfie Moore (56)

Tony Qian (42) 3-1 Audie Miller (0)

Andrew Diacopoulos (0) 3-1 Antony Martin (14)

Wayne Martin (0) 3-1 Antony Moore (0)


Dale Prime


Terry Dowson 3-1 Nav Hussain

Dave Bolton 3-0 Macauley Croft

Andrew Diacopoulos 3-1 Tony Qian

Wayne Martin 3-1 Dale Prime

Semi-Finals (£10)

Terry Dowson 3-2 Andrew Diacopoulos

Wayne Martin 3-0 Dave Bolton

Final (£50 / £25)

Wayne Martin 3-0 Terry Dowson

Terry didn’t do a lot wrong but Wayne was on top form, scoring heavily at every opportunity.

Frame scores (Wayne first)

88(60)-31, 77(29,36)-14, 80(30,46)-19

Wayne wins a trophy, £50 cash and a free ticket to the upcoming Stephen Hendry & Jimmy White exhibition courtesy of ABC Snooker Exhibitions.

Honours Board

Click on the button below to see Wayne’s name on the Bulwelll Open Honours Board.

High Breaks (£5)

Nav Hussain 67,49
Wayne Martin 60,48,46,44
Terry Dowson 59
Dale Prime 51
Dave Bolton 48
Andrew Diacopoulos 47,46,44


Tournament start time: 10.30am

Tournament end time: 5.30pm

Number of competitors: 15

Number of matches: 14

Average table cost per competitor: £8.94

Steve Butler

Nottingham Snooker Tournament Director